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2014-12-23 15:53:05 (UTC)

Long night

it was such a long night last night with grandma, she barely slept which means i barely slept as well, not that i'm complaining because i'm not thats why i'm here to make sure she's okay, get things for her.
she finally settled down to go to bet around midnight and i went to bed and actually got to sleep around 1 something then she wakes me up at 4 coughing up blood and asking me what she thinks we should do, i had us call the nurses station who told us she was okay and that there was no need to go to the hospital, which i was thankful for.
and i have been awake since...god i am so tired, the worry and the running back and fourth to get things ect.

also she's going back and fourth about giving Rusty away which puts her and us in an awkward situation, and she doesn't need those dogs but i understand why she wants to keep them....its hard.
i'm letting mom and dad fight that battle with her, uhhhh complications complications we are all so stubborn.

i just want to go to sleep. haha yeah....

actually i just want her to be okay.
then i want sleep...

oh btw she decided to make bologna sandwhiches at 5:30 in the morning this morning....oh my gosh we are absolutely nuts aren't we?
umm yes.

so tired.....
its only 10 am well almost 10am.
wonder when back up will be here i hope soon.