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2014-12-22 22:35:47 (UTC)

Letters inside Christmas Cards

I can understand writing a letter pen pal style and
placing it inside a Christmas Card that you may be
sending to someone who you know pretty well. But to
make copies of such a letter addressed to no one unparticular
and just added it to every single card you send out
during the holidays? Just plain ignorant.

This woman does it to us every year. My husband is related
to her but over the 25 or so years we have been married
even he has not actually seen her but twice. We are not
sure who her kids are or how old, or where her husband
works or where they all work or live, if they have
grandkids or anything. Even when we were around her she
had very little to say and for me especially, I find
this tradition very silly and in this case, down right
stupid. I do not write letters back.....and have nothing
at all to share to her or anyone whom we do not know very

This time, I just looked at how long it was and handed it to
him. I have no intentions of reading it. I do not know her.

I think if u want to get to know someone, u pick up the phone
and call them once and a while if you are so far away that
you can not talk to them face to face. Talking to people
is how you get to know them. Not sending silly brag letters
about yourself and the schedule of your own children...
bla bla bla....

stupid fat rude cow......

all I got to say about it.