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2014-12-22 16:57:40 (UTC)

Monday catching up

I got up early again today. Watched East Enders which I record
on Sunday nights. God I love that show. Makes me want to pack
up and go to the airport with a one way ticket to Walford.

I went ahead and got started on cleaning out the drawer in my
room that I use for office material. I threw things out that were
dated 2010. I have completed this chore which I have had on
my list of things to do for a while now. One more step to being
completely organized again. Also started a donation pile
of things that others may find useful that will result in
one more tax deduction.

Had a talk with the boss so we are both on the same page with
what will be taking place next week. He will go to the closing
up near him and I will ride over to the area my last closing
was to represent those clients. It is near the mall and I
have to exchange a couple pair of jeans I bought for my son
when I went to the eye doctor so I may schedule another appointment
with the eye doctor....just to see if he has a set of contacts
that will help me see just a little better for distance...
although I really appreciate being able to read and do computer
work without reading glasses. We shall see.

In my efforts to clear out things I ran across the hand out for
the laser treatment I have been considering. I read it...and
will keep it handy in the event I do decide on it. Right now,
I am waiting to hear back about the biopsy so I can lay that
to rest before deciding on anything else.

The repairman called too let me know the part is in for the
dishwasher and he will be coming tomorrow. Good for him. He
will make a shit load of money. Hell, I could have bought
a new dishwasher for a couple more hundred bucks.

Plus I have a bone to pick with him. When he was here last time,
I was not here, so he chatted with my husband. I had my heart
set on getting either an LG or a Samsung front loading washer
and steam stainless steel. So, he tells my husband
that he will NOT come out to work on th9se products. He says
they are not worth crap. He also said that if we get a LF
refrigerator in Stainless Steel, we will pay too much.

He says that if you pay more than 1500 for one you are getting
ripped off. He also says that Stainless steel is hard to
keep clean and you pay about 1000 more for it just because
it is stainless steel. WHAT? I show high end property
all the time that have stainless steel appliances. I have never
seen a kitchen with these products that looked nasty or
whatever he said. He is an ass hole.

As far as getting LG or Samsung...I am seeing both in these
high end properties and most new homes offer the same.

SO, I will remember to pay a little more for a extended
warranty so I do not have to be concerned about calling his
sorry ass out here again. That whole thing rubbed me
the wrong way.

He has my husband convinced we should get white appliances.
I HAVE A STAINLESS Steel DISHWASHER! Why in the hell would
I get a white refrigerator and range? WHY? Who does that?

Anyway....I hope I am not here when he comes...cause if I
am, when he gets his check I will give him a lesson on
stainless steel appliances and how if taken care of
properly, will add VALUE to your property just for
having them....and SAMSUNG or LG are the best ones!

That is about it today.

Time to shower and change my bandage.

And take it easy for the rest of day