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2014-12-21 23:04:06 (UTC)

Sunday lazy day here

I got up early again this morning. Have been sleeping better
these days. I have always enjoyed getting up early. This
morning I started on cleaning the washing machine. It needed
it after my son washed his work clothes. Then, I made a big
breakfast which the smell of sausage cooking lured them both
out of bed into the kitchen.

Today the Panthers were playing. I had intended on riding down
to the pub to watch it. But as the day went on, I got more
exhausted and decided to only ride to post office to mail
some Christmas cards. Then, I was back to shower and crawl
back into bed.

I did have to ask him to put a clean bandage on my biopsy
spot. I forgot to mention it earlier. While I was at the
doctor this week, she found a spot on my back that she felt
was suspicious, so she proceeded to do a biopsy on it. So,
I have to keep a clean bandage on it and since I can not
see it or reach it....the old man gets to do it.

I will be glad when it heals. She sapped a few places on
my leg and hands too with that can of FREEZE OFF spray.

I discussed the laser procedure they offer for you face
to remove red spots, dead skin...they have a couple different
types..all are very pricey. I am not sure if I want to do
all that or not. I am thinking about it. I would rather
have my legs done. They offer another laser thing to remove
big veins in your legs. I could do that cheaper.....

The face and neck thing is supposed to remove the top layer
of skin and tighten it up...along with the other issues...
I am still thinking about it.

I would rather my husband do it to help his skin. He
has some serious rosacea. I think he would feel more
comfortable going out more if we could resolve this.

See, I am not so vain that I would pay 1500 for myself
when he needs it more at the moment.

Time will tell. Got to go back in a few weeks to check
on biopsy. I was not expecting all that.

One thing at a time.