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2014-12-20 07:35:43 (UTC)

Great Night.

Uhhh tonight was brilliant! fun, amazing... perfect night out with friends.
man is it good to say that! ahhh i have some good friends.
Hannah and Brandyce are both Amazing people, people i saw coming but didn't see coming at all.
If you had told me a year ago, two years ago that i'd be haning out with them, becoming close friends with them, staying out till 1am with them... i'd have laughed in your face and had an Anxiety attack.
And things aren't perfect, theres some walls and some strain but, maybe things will clear...either way i love them both like crazy a.nd don't want to lose either of them in my life
I truely believe that they are both destined for something great and i'd love to be along for the ride to see the great things they do.
and they both deserve all the happiness in the world.

Thank you both for the night, and the friendship, you don't know how much it means to me.
Seeing Switcher and Selfie tonight i imeadiately felt scared, nervouse, sad, down and started to dwell in the past filled with hate, backstabbing and broken friendships, when i realized that i was there with my friends having a good time and i wasn't going to let them get me down...
that i didn't need to feel sad about those "Friendships' when i had these ones right beside me!
and i didn't... and that felt good... really good :)

Thank you God for reminding me i'm not on my own and giving me these people in my life, for always knowing what i need when i need itnand giving it to me.
your amazing and i love you.

had an amazing night with the promise of more to come.
i'm content.
hope you are too.