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2014-12-19 19:13:30 (UTC)

Winding down....

When I went to the dermatologist this week, she told me to start
using this wash and lotion. Cetaphil. Kinda pricy, but I got
it and began using it as directed. So, this morning when I
was taking a shower, I decided to use the body wash to wash
my hair. I figure as much as I pay for shampoo, if it works
as shampoo, then maybe that would justify the cost. So, I
did it. Using no conditioner either....and my hair had no
tangles at all. I styled it and it looked just as good if
not better than the shampoo I normally used. So, guess I can
use it as shampoo and not even have to buy a conditioner.

I headed down to the lawyers office for the third time this
week. I got out of my car as three of them were walking out
the door to the porch area. I was there to meet with one of them
and she called my name and said it will be a minute. I noticed
they were all three looking down the road to a house a couple
doors down and pointing. The guy walked out to the road so
he could see better....I had no idea what was going on...
then the police cars started pulling in. I asked them what
in the world is going on. Apparently there was some man out
in the parking lot across the road cussing and screaming earlier.
They thought it was a fight. The police were looking for him
as several folks had called it in. We watched a while to
not much excitement. The police told us they pretty much
know who it is. A guy having another bad day. So, we
all walked back inside.

I got to chat with her a while understanding more why they
keep the door locked. Lord have mercy.

I was delighted to be walking out of there with the new CD to
mail the other lawyer from last week. And his new release too
which not only has a CD but a vinyl album. WHOA! It was
like Christmas for me again. Yesterday, the Keith Urban guitar
and now this. I am feeling lucky.

Headed to the post office to mail the CD. Then to Walmart
a couple towns over to pick up the husbands medication from
his trip to the doctor yesterday.

Back at home, made some homemade vegetable soup and some cornbread.
It is in the crock pot and smelling up the house. I am
not doing anything else today. Maybe listen to this new
CD and tune that guitar and play it a while.

I am very happy with this guitar. And the lessons that come with
it are so easy and almost an hour long for each. I could have never
paid 300 for a guitar as good as this one...and to get those
lessons too is hard to believe....not to mention the amp and
all the extras. Extra set of strings, a strap, capo, and I can
not say enough about these lessons.

Plus the guitar as a auto tuner built in. I had to get a 9 volt
battery today. Could not wait to try the tuner. I can actually
tune the guitar without it. But that comes in handy if you
need to tune into another key. I am not familiar with all that
stuff. Main reason I do not try to play with someone...

I will be playing this one and learning all 30 songs.

Happy girl today.