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2014-12-18 23:10:56 (UTC)


What a day this was. Once again on my list to do was to go back down to the lawyer’s office in hopes of picking up that CD. So, I got ready to go and headed down there. My husband was still getting dressed to go to his doctor’s appointment which was close to where I was headed. Once again, I pull into the office parking lot full of cars. I know I counted at least 10 cars. But again, the door was locked and no one bothered coming to it when I knocked. This time I walked around to the back thinking there was another entrance but I did not locate one. I tried knocking one more time before getting back in my car unsure of what to think. I called them and left a message saying that I was there and no one was coming to the door although there were a lot of cars there. I mentioned this was the second time that I have been there this week, left my number asking them to call me when they are available. I could not help feeling that something was not right with this. Not sure if I am over sensitive or what, but I almost busted out crying. Thinking that they were avoiding me on purpose and not understanding why.

As I rode to downtown to pick up some lotion I wondered all types of reasons they would do this to me. Do they simply not like me? Is his wife the jealous type? Has someone told him crap about me that makes him just hate me or something. I know he always asks about my husband. They went to school together. He likes my husband for sure. But why treat me like this. My feelings were hurt. I was feeling pretty down the whole time I was shopping.

On my way out though I noticed the eye place was open, so I stop a minute in there hoping to order my contacts. The lady was waiting on someone. But the man, who seemed to be taking the glass display down and cleaning them, asked if he could help me. I explained that I just wanted to order my contacts. He said that he was on a project at the moment so it might be 15 or 20 minutes before he could help me. Seriously? He could not lay down a bottle of Windex long enough to order my damn contacts? What the hell. Could this day get any worse?

Then I rode back through town. I looked up that way as I passed the office again. I saw the same cars still there. Who has a meeting that long with the same people anyway? What in the world could be going on in that little office? I was still hurt and kept on driving.

As I passed the doctor’s office I saw my husband’s truck. Feeling relieved that he was finally in there getting something for his gaunt. Then I noticed the fire truck on the other side of the doctor’s office. I turned around as soon as I could. By the time I returned there was an ambulance too. OMG. So I pulled in right beside of his truck. I was walking in when the door opened and he came walking out. This was a relief. He explained that someone in the room beside of him had a problem. So, he was ok. He was happy to see me checking on him too. We headed home.

When I pulled into the driveway I saw it. The package my porch sat there to greet me. It could not have been happier even if Keith Urban had delivered it to me himself. I was delighted. And oh what a nice guitar? It was beautiful. It was fun taking it out of the box and inspecting all that came with it. That cute little amp was adorable too. And it was very well made. Wow.

Then my phone rang. It was the lawyer’s wife. She went on about how she could not understand the message I left. So I explained that I had stopped by to pick up a couple of his CDs and told her about the lawyer I had met last week who was from the town in Virginia that he sings about on that CD. AS it turns out, she did not even have one of them there. But she promised to have one in the morning. So we made arrangements for me to stop by early this time. She said they are sharing the building with a landscaping business and all the cars belong to the employees. She apologized for the misunderstanding of what was going on. Apparently he did not even mention any of this too her. So, I felt better.

This day had some ups and downs but it turned out ok. I am having a cold beer now while the old man cooks spaghetti tonight. I made pizza last night.

Oh yeah, according to one of those rag magazines I saw today, Bruce Jenner is going to become a woman. LOL Actually I do not blame him at all. Kris is upset. Said she was humiliated. I bet she is worried he will look better as a woman than she does. LOL