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2014-12-16 20:57:11 (UTC)

Tuesday delays...

Our check from last week's closing did not show today, so the boss and I made arrangements to meet up on Thursday over in his neck of the woods.
He wants to see a HUD I sent him that is a couple streets over
from where he lives. So, I will be making appointment to see
it and plan on picking up that check then too. He also has
some documents that I need to finalize our next closing.

I called the attorney where I was to pick up the CD this afternoon.
I find it odd that his answering machine. I do have caller ID. Kind
of makes me think I am being avoided. Maybe not. I filmed him
in Saluda years ago and sent him a very nice video of that
performance. I am going to have to stop feeling rejected
when someone is just as busy as I am. Maybe that is all it is.

I left a message saying that I will be by there on Thursday
to pick them up and asked that he also have his latest CD which
I would also like to have. Hopefully I can get that all
by Thursday so I can get the CD in the mail as promised. I am just resting more than anything else.
I did get up and got ready in case the boss needed me to
meet him today. But after our talk, and that check did
not come today, I told him I can not meet tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I finally go to the dermatologist to get checkup.
I have a place that I am concerned about on the back of my
leg. Been putting it off for a very long time. Plus
I break out in hives a lot....short lived but that is
what it seems like. Probably stress.