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2014-12-16 02:36:04 (UTC)

Monday finishing up

I stopped by the attorneys office to pick up the CD that I was
told I could pick up. There was several cars in the parking lot.
He shares his office with one of the Realtors in town. One of the
big hot shot realtors in town. I walked up to the door, and it
was locked. I tried it again. It was locked. I did not hear
anyone inside. But I did knock too. Nothing.

So, before feeling like it was locked just to keep me out...
I decided to go on and do the other things on my list today.
Surely they were in the back maybe in a meeting or something...
could have all been to lunch too. Who knows. I will just
try again tomorrow.

I have the envelope ready to put the CD in, take to the post
office and mail it as promised. I hope to be able to do that

Today, I went to kohl's first. They did not have the retractable
lip brush that I wanted. I walked around a while, but left to
head to Dillard's. I have a good friend that works in the
makeup area there, so I was hoping to see her. I walked
in and did not see her at first. Instead I asked another
lady to help me. Just so happens she had two retractable
lip brushes and I bought them both. I wanted to pick something
else up for my BFF too. And because I had spent money on the
brushes, I was able to get a train case full of lotions and
serums for your eye area, upper lip and face. I got that.
She gave me a box too for the lip brush...since was also
going to the BFF. On my way out, I ran into my friend
and stood there talking to her for a while. It was great
too. She is something else. She liked my new hair color
and cut.

I stopped at another store and picked up boxes to put the money
in for my daughter and her family. All five of them will have
boxes with money in them and one large Hershey's kiss. I got
a couple large gift bags and some Christmas cards.

Stopped at Office Depot for more flash drives....and stamps.

SO when I got home, I was able to mail all the Christmas Cards.
and prepare two for sale by owner letters to the two I lucked up
and found today....put all gifts together and they are ready.
So I am ready. Nothing else to do. As far as the holidays.

My hips are aching. Both of them.

I sent an email to Master Lock asking them if they have
any solutions for the lockbox that I can not get open.
They told me that someone had to change that lock code.
But also agreed to mail me a new lockbox.

I sent emails to all of three of us today who work
for our company letting them know that we will all have
to change codes to the lockbox. And some properties will
require a supra lock..which does not open with a key.

I am not using any lock boxes again. Just Supras. This will
make it easier to see who is going into my listings...and
how long they stay.....

I wish I knew who changed that code. Remember too that this
same house....when I first listed it, someone took one of my
brand new signs. I just took another out there...but now
I am beginning to wonder if there is a realtor from this
area trying to mess with me? Hmmmmmmm

Probably jealous.

Who knows...

whatever...I am good.