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2014-12-16 00:06:26 (UTC)

List Challang Monday.

Ok so i was listening to taylor swifts blank space and i was trying to decide weather or not i liked it or not...because it's definately different from the old taylor swift style.
And it buys into the whole taylor swift is crazy and a seriel dater..which i don't think is true in that sense and i'm not sure i like songs of hers that say that... Anyways todays list is some of my favorite Taylor Swift lyrics. And of course i'm going to put 13 in honor of T-Swift herself :)
They arent in any particular order anyways on to the music!

1. "I don't know what i want so don't ask me
Cause i'm still trying to figure ot out don't know
Whats down this road i'm just walking trying to see
Through the rain comming down, even though i'm
Not the only one who feels the way i do, i'm alone
on my own and thats all i know i'll be strong, i'll be
wrong, oh but life goes on, i'm justna girl trying to
find a place in this world' ( place in this world)

(This describes my life....)

2. " I took a chance i took a shot and you may think I'm
bullet proof but i'm not, you took a swing, i took it hard
and down here from the ground i see who you are
i take a step back i let you go, i told you i'm not bullet
proof now you know!" (Tell me why)

(Sometimes you have to let go of toxic people in your life)

3. "This is me praying that this was the very first page not where
the story line ends, my thoughts will echo your name until i see
you again, These were the words i held back as i was leaving to
soon, i was enchanted to meet you, please don't be in love with
someone else please don't have someone waiting on you" (Enchanted)

(That one person your just smitten with...)

4. "We're happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way
its miserable and magical oh yeah, tonights the night we
forget about the heart breaks, its time" (22)

(Life as a young adult.)

5. "Seems like theres always someone who disapproves, They'll
judge it like they know about me and you and the verdict comes
from those with nothing else to do the jurys out my choice is you
so don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at
things that shine and life make love look hard the stakes are high
the waters rough but this love is ours( Ours)

(beautiful song in my opinion)

6. "Time turns flames to embers, you'll have new septembers every
one of us has messed up too, minds change like the weather i hope
you remember today is never to late to be brand new, it's alright
just wait and see your string of lights is still bright to me oh, who you
are is not what you've been your still an innocent" ( Innocent)

(Forgiveness, second chances new starts amazingness)

7. "This is a state of grace this is a worth while fight,love is a ruthless game
unless you play it good and right, these are the hands of fate your my achilles
heel this is the golden age of something good and right and real" (State of grace)

(waiting for something good (: )

8. So we've been outnumbered raded and out numbered its hard to fight when
the fight ain't fair, but we're getting stronger now from things they never found
they might be bigger but we're faster and never scared, you can walk away and
say we don't need this but theres something in your eyes says we can beat this
because these things will change" (Change)

(could listen to this on repete)

9. "This is looking like a contest of who can act like they care less but i liked it
better when you were on my side, the battles in your hands now but i would
lay my armor down if you said you'd rather love than fight, so many things
that i wish you knew but the story of us might be ending soon" (Story of us)

(describes my frindships right now)

10. "Hey stephen i know looks can be deceving but i know i saw a light in you
as we walked we were talking and i didn't say half the things i wanted to of all
girls tossing rocks at your window, i'll be the one waiting there even when its cold"
(Hey stephen)

(ahhh charming...)

11. "Wish i had concentrated, they said love was complicated but its just something
i fell into and it was overrated but just look what i created i came out alive but I'm
black and blue( I heart ?)

(Love hurts)

12. "Loving him was like trying to change your mind once your already flying
through the free fall like the colors of autumn so bright just before they lose
it all, losing him was blue like i've never know, missing him was dark grey all
alone forgetting him was like trying to know someone you've never met, but
loving him was red" (Red)


13. "I bet you got pushed around somebody made you cold but the cycle ends
right here cause you can't lead me down that road and you don't know what
you don't know, someday i'll be living in a big ol' city and all your ever gonna
be is mean, someday i'll be big enough so you can't hit me and all your ever
gonna be is mean" (Mean)

(all the negitive cycles end with me, no one can make me bitter)

so thats that send feesback.