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2014-12-14 18:23:05 (UTC)

Sunday uncontrollable urges

I noticed on Home Shopping Network that Keith Urban was on
selling his guitars again. I remember seeing him last time
and saw those lessons that comes with that package. I really
wanted those lessons then but did not really seem interested
in all that other stuff. After all, I have three guitars now.
But when I checked his site and saw how much those lessons
were if you only order them, I just let it go.

But today? Holy Cow. You can get the lessons, the guitar,
amp, shoulder strap, capo, picks, cords, and that guitar
has a built in tuner.....for only 300 bucks. So, I ordered it.

Had to warn the old man so when it comes he does not freak

Okay, so I bought myself a Christmas gift. Not like anyone
else was.....


I have spent the last couple days on my files.
Bought a flash drive to keep things I need in case
I get audited. I have the clients folders pretty
much are up to date I will be going backwards
to other files....Novemeber, October, etc...
until I have three years all saved.

Feels good to be ending this year as one of my most
successful one yet.

Already working on next year too.

We are going to start tackling HUD deals.....
until we are all comfortable with listing and selling them.

Our goal for 2015 is to tackle HUDs....and
hopefully work on a new development with a client
we worked with this year. We sold a new construction
that he wanted sold and promised us his next
development. SO, it is time to fulfill his promise.

We were almost ready to give up on selling that new
construction, it was a hard sell, but we finally got
a full price offer right when we were fixing to throw
in the towel. I guess we can learn from that not
to give up so fast.

Now, our next year is already looking good....

which is good for since I now have to pay off that
HSN card.....and buy a new dishwasher.


It never ends....

which is good cause I like staying busy