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2014-12-13 04:22:26 (UTC)

Friday night update

Dang, where to start.....

Yesterday I had to go to the eye doctor and walked out with
new contacts that actually work so good that I do not need
the reading glasses. OMG! I love it. On my way home, I
got a call from the buyer agent who wanted to do a walk through
at a house we closed on today. I told her there had been
an issue with the lockbox code but there should be someone
there since I had spoken to the seller who was there....I
told her I would stop by on my way home to check on that
the lockbox.

When I got there, the landscaping was going on and the buyer
was outside walking around in the yard. I walked inside
where the seller was doing some touch up paint...we talked
a while, then I went to the lock box. My code did not work.

I am unsure why it did not work, but the other agent implied that
one of the contractors coming there sometimes may do something
like that but the seller said she has had to come there to
let contractors inside, so it could not have been them. SO..

if it was indeed changed, it was changed by a realtor who was
showing the property. I know this agent, the one there never
said a word about having a problem getting it must
have not been her. I knew one other agent had shown it couple
of times and even once while we were negotiating this deal.
She may have done it. Who knows? So, the sellers dad was
there and he helped me take the knob off and we rode together
to Lowes to get new one. He helped me install it. I enjoyed
meeting him.

I told him we made a good team. He works for the county and you
will never guess what he does? He trains cops and swat team
members at the gun range. OMG! I really enjoyed meeting him.

And really appreciated his help.

I arrived today at the closing early. On the way there I was
almost killed in a car accident involving one of those damn
transfer trucks that was hauling two trailers. He was changing
lanes in front of me and the damn last trailer started wobbling
back and forth and it looked like it was going to jack knife
and turn over right in the lane in front of me. 485 was packed
with traffic and I had cars right on my bumper not paying
attention so I slowed down a little without touching brakes
hoping they would back off the gas....then I tapped my brakes....
once just to make sure they all slowed down hoping they were
all paying attention. Too my surprise they all backed off just
enough for me to get out of harms way while the truck driver
gained control of his rig. I prevented a very serious accident
but the applause of it did not stop my heart from racing....
it was a nightmare. The rest of the way was ok.....and I
arrive 30 minutes early to find the buyers agent and her buyer
sitting there waiting. We ended up going ahead into a board
room to go over her part of the transaction and she signed her
part off. We sat there waiting 30 minutes after scheduled time
on my sellers who were caught in traffic. I was worried they
may be killed on that nightmare of a highway....when they walked
in I was relieved. I really like them. I like her dad, her
and her husband. It was great selling her house so fast...
so she can move on with her life. We hung out some on our way to
our cars. They now live up towards my favorite area...and invited
me to go to the Steeple Chase thing where horses and riders do
there thing and you have to wear a big hat and heels...and drink
wine. Well, I was excited about all that maybe not the wine
thing and I certainly look forward to seeing them again. OMG
I can not wait for that....something to look forward too when
it warms up.

Oh yeah, the lawyer was retired, but still practices some. His
name was not even on the door, but the buyer agent use to be his
legal aide for about 12 years. He was an older guy, but sharp
for sure. We had a chance while waiting on my sellers to talk
a lot....and he started talking about the town he was from
up on Virginia....which just happens to be a town that my
friend here in my town who is also an attorney and a song
writer entertainer....wrote about on one of his CDs..
Room 23. He sings about that same small town. COOL...
so I told him I would make sure he got a copy of that CD...
and as soon as I got home I reached out to my friend and he
will have the CD waiting at his office here next week for
me to come pick up. That is something I can look forward too
next week. I have not seen his wife for a while...and I look
forward to getting the chance to talk to her again.

On my way home.....I got a call from the attorney who is representing
my buyers letting me know that the lien has been removed and he
was sending me confirmation to forward to them and the boss.
OMG! FINALLY! We are actually going to be able to close.....
on that one.

I got home in time to wait on cable guy....who was supposed to
show up to change out my modem and DVR box. I took the remotes
to them earlier this week to get new ones....and made arrangements
for him to come out today. He did not show.....and they called
to change appointment to tomorrow.

My friend up toward the mountains who is almost homeless....since
her husband died and her next marriage failed....emailed me today
that she is going to getting SS benefits just like me....but
she will be getting a lot more. Worked more and may get
survival benefits on top of all that. She is going to be
alright. I love her.

Very happy about this week......

my friend who got the back injection last week got sick this
week and did not return to work until today.....that shot
lowered her immune system which happens so be careful with
those shots guys.

I think that is about enough for now.....

More as it happens...