My Letter To The World
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2014-12-10 23:45:40 (UTC)

Dear Friend


You are being a idiotic stupid grudge holding jerk and then acting like I'm the freakin bad guy?
well Forget you!
sheesh why do I still freaking cares so much? how is it that the things your doing still hurt me so much? why do I give you the ability to control that much of me?

You know what I want so much to be rid of your freakin drama.
everyone around me is telling me to stop caring about you, but If I stop who's still going to?
even your family admits that I'm the only person in the world who's never given up on you.
but why should I care about you if you don't give a shit about me?
I guess you don't care. maybe you never did?
and that is breaking my heart...there were silent screams last night and I cried for/about you. I didn't want to but I did.
and when I was done crying I felt empty.
the way I still feel now when I think about it.

But you should know that if I ever decide to give up on you, Understand how much that took out of me.
I'm the type to give endless chances(and I have) I always have your back even when I know your wrong, and I'm not perfect but I am always Loyal.
I accept and accepted you for who you are, when the rest of the whole freakin world turned away and gave up, I still wanted you when no one else did.
So if I decided to give up on you it took EVERYTHING I had inside me to leave you alone because if I love you and care for you it's forever and there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you, there isn't anything I wouldn't give for you to be okay.
But this thing, this apathy and grudges from you, directed towards me is wearing out my heart, my mind and my emotions.