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2014-12-09 05:33:41 (UTC)

List Challang Monday.

So on mondays i think i'll post a list of some type could be anything from my favorite songs to, Words i hate lol (so if you guys have any ideas of list i should make on mondays send me feedback can be Anything.
and i will make a list of at least 10 things can be more but not less.

Todays list topic is:
Things I miss.

1. Some Friendships.
(I was playing mario Kart on nintendo 64 today wishing the person i used to play this with were here, to play with me and i felt s pang in my heart when i thought of this becaude this person no longer wants to be friends with me, has moved on in life and doesn't talk to me at all.
So i was missing that friendship,
and a few other conected ones.
I hate Ended Friendships, specially when theres nothing i can do about it, and it seems like i'm the only one who cares, while they stopped.

2. Innocents.
you can't unknow or unsee things.
Innocents isn't Nieveness, and i wish i had some of my Innocents back.

3. Carefreeness.
Not worrying, not stressing... yeah.

4. Levi.
Its odd to miss someone you never really knew but i think that also a really valid thing to miss, all the things you never got to do, see, be, know,
my heart breaks, Twinless Twin.

5. Belonging/Feeling like you belong
Just feeling like you are in something worth being in, a friendship, a cause, a group, something, because it sucks to feel like everyone has someone or something to devote their life, love, time to except you.

6. Priviate Jokes.
Those priviate jokes from those no longer friendships, that still come to mind when you do, see or hear simething and it triggers that memory with that person, that person you can no longer call, text, tell, or share that joke with ever again but it still comes to mind and you immeadiatly think to tell the person, but then remember you can't.

7. Moments
Those amazing moments,
laying in bed at a sleep over wispering conversations late at night.
Laughing till you cry.
Climbing the montian.
Flying away.
Coming home.
Falling in love.
Being in the right place at the right time.
(its not to say that these thing won't ever happen again, its just sometimes you want to relive a moment because it was that, amazing, sweet, simple, fun, life changing ect.)

8. Laughing with friends.
Those moments of uncontroalble laughter, where your crying and your stomach hurts and you feel high....
i could use one of those right now. :D

9. Kept Promises.
I feel like i've been let down alot lately with promise weather its something big i'm counting on or just someone forgetting to call back.
i've even broken promises to myself Reacently...i miss kept promises in every way shape and form.

10. Simplisity.
To much complications,
To much technology.
To much Drama
To much Worry.
To much Air brushed.
To much photo editor.
To much Change.
To much Stuff.
To much fast pace.

11. Traveling
Other countries, cultures, adventures ah i miss it.

12. Beginings.
Friendships and relationships lives and chances i miss beginings and i need some.