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2014-12-08 03:25:37 (UTC)

Back on track...

The appointment went well today. The buyers thought the house
was nicely decorated and it was. I loved it. But compared to
the other house, this one was just not a better choice. So, we
are back on track to close on the big one at the end of the month.
In fact I will have two closing that day. One in the morning
and one in the afternoon. Plus I have one this week.

So, three closings in one month is wonderful.

I was happy to learn today after talking to the boss that the
buyer I was with today actually had the opportunity to take
up for us when one of his relatives ran her mouth saying that
we do not work enough to get paid the amount of money that
we get paid. He reminded her how much we had in fact done
to save this deal. We have worked our asses off. He is the
buyer anyway, the seller pays our commission, not the buyer.

I wish people who do not know what they are talking about
would stay out of our business. She is just pissed cause
she feels that it was her that lead them to the house they
choose. But it was not. I sent them the list of houses
when they asked and this was the one they wanted to see.
She may have known of it. Anyone who rides by it and sees
the sign knows about it. She has mentioned a couple times
that she feels she deserves a finders fee or something.
I will let her know when she or if she brings that up a
again that we can not pay finders fees. Only realtors
with an active license can receive a referral fee and that
is only when the correct forms are signed before hand. It
would be against the law and regulations that we must
abide by to do that. LOL

Hell, I am going to have to pay almost a thousand bucks
in January just for first of the year fees and memberships.
Then, every quarter, I will have to pay MLS dues and
license renewals and privilege license. We may get paid,
but we have to pay....and we have to take classes to be
updated on new rules each year. Not to mention I just
bought a new computer, actually two, and a printer and
a new camera this year. It is not cheap being a Realtor.
And we earn every penny we make. We do not give it to
people standing on the side lines watching us. Who does
that? No one.

I will be going to lunch with my BFF and one of her cousins
tomorrow. She returns to work on Tuesday. She is getting
around pretty good today. I called to check on her when
I got home.

I must call the attorney....or one of them tomorrow and
make sure that the lean was removed and title insurance
can be bought. So we can release the due diligence date
and move to closing. This is just another thing I am
required to do. I made sure he did not pay a due diligence
fee too. If he had walked when he we learned about the lean,
he would have lost that money. Now, I must make sure
we got closing and he does not loose his earnest deposit.
He can walk this week if the legal issues are not removed
and he will get the ED back.

But at this point, it looks like things are moving right
along on schedule.

Moving right along.....

to a very good year.