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2014-12-06 21:58:34 (UTC)

Wet weekend

I drove my BFF to her appointment to get an injection in her
back yesterday. Last time she got on in her neck and was fine
when we left. In fact, we stopped for lunch that time. But
yesterday was different. She was wheeled out in a wheelchair and
had to be helped into my car. She lost the use of one of her legs
for a while. Kind of scary. I rode to my house to get a cane
for her to use, and drove through Sonic Burger to get us something
to eat. I stayed with her until I was sure she could get around
without falling.

She had birthday gifts for me. You know you are getting old
looking when your BFF buys you wrinkle serum for your birthday...
She got me a couple of products for your neck area from
Perrone MD. I was shocked. But after actually using it
today, I called her again at thank her. She said she had
been using this for a while and wanted me to have some too.

I told her I had ordered some throat product off HSN recently
but have not received it yet. I need to stopped watching that
show. They had a 72 yr old woman modeling her neck area who
they claimed had been using this cream to get rid of the
wrinkles that we older gals experience in our neck and chest
area. She looked unbelievably youthful for 72 years old.
I ordered that crap fast. LOL My bathroom is full of that kind
of stuff which I have been trying out. But I think this stuff
the BFF gave me yesterday is the one.....

We discussed facelifts too. Not time for either of just yet
but we are not totally against it.

I cancelled a showing today because of the rain for one and
I was needed at a house where some repairs are being made
near here. So, I scheduled it for tomorrow. These folks
are already under contract on one and it has had issues
with the title which I am hoping is resolved by Monday. If
not, we may terminate and go with the one we see tomorrow.

All I can do is whatever they want me too. This had been
a very hard deal. I will really hate to have to terminate
it if it goes that far. That broker will pitch a fit.

But dealing with difficult people is part of my job.

I am wore out today. Exhausted in fact.

My boss is freaking out too. We are not use to things going
off the wall crazy, and this big deal we got going on has been
one thing right after another. I am hoping these people do not
like this house tomorrow and continue to purchase the one
under contract. I understand the frustration....but the
attorney is trying to handle the issues. However, the bill
for all that is becoming a problem and they are about to
walk on this one. Again, I have to do what my clients

time will tell.

I told the boss to enjoy his family tomorrow and let
me handle this showing.