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2014-12-04 06:48:35 (UTC)

Midweek update

Things have continued to be very busy for my business.
Trying to solve complications on the biggest deal going..
and now putting two other closings in line to close next.
They are ready to go with no upcoming issues to stop them.

The bigger one has some issues but after speaking to the
attorney today and preparing another form to give the sellers
a little more time to clear the title or at least try, hopefully
that one will work out too. If not we will be looking at
other property this weekend for these buyers....

Two other buyers looking too makes it very hard to have
much time for anything else...

but today, I took the day off

Wednesday was my birthday. I went to have a pedicure and my
nails done. Felt good too. Getting hair trimmed in the
morning...and what happens after that is anyone's guess.

I felt like I was coming down with something today. Doctored
myself all day and feel much better now. I think I have beat
it. Hopefully taking my BFF to the doctors appointment Friday
will be fine. If I do get sick before then, he said he would
take her for me.

This weekend will be very busy....I have already set up
appointments to show property Sat and Sun.

Taking Friday off to help her.

I got my letter today from SS. Not much really, but it is
what I had expected and I am ok with that. I will be paying
for my insurance and will still have a pretty good bit..
to add to what I already have.....saved by then. Going
to start earlier than I thought too.

My daughter actually called me today. We talked a while...
wishing me happy birthday...and telling me about her day..
catching up on some business....

in all, I had a great day.