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2014-12-01 04:17:50 (UTC)

Sunday night

Not sure if I have even posted an entry since Thanksgiving day...
or the after TG day. I do recall mentioning the son was
cleaning up the bathrooms and both of them helped get the
house in order. But the daughter ended up bailing on us and
did not come. I probably would not have even known they
were not coming if I had not called her. Whatever...

it went well anyway. The food was great. His brother came
so it was just the four of us. I took a nap after dinner and
when I woke up, the brother in law was gone and the kitchen
was clean.

I have to say that I do not like eating left overs for so
long. Was glad to come home today with meatloaf instead.

I have had to drive to Harrisburg twice this week. Today
was okay...but when I drove through town, I stopped at
the pub. Not many folks there and the football games
were on. We got to catch up.

Sounds like they are going to try to open a place at a larger
building near here. If they keep the smaller place, I will
be located right between both of them. The larger place has
had some issues since it opened several years ago. A very
large place too. But the area made it hard to stay open
because of the trouble the near by neighborhoods. It closed
for a while, then opened again with new management who rose the
prices so high, that helped get the bad element out, but...
the high prices did not work out either so they closed.

I am sure this couple does not worry too much about the
bad element. She is a black belt, him too. They could run
that place and be successful at it. I hope it works out
for them.

Time will tell. They are going to start getting information
now...and if it works out, Feb. or March should be enough
time to get it up and running.

Serves our small town right loose a good business
like this one if they can not run them both. The other place
in town which is ran or was ran by a nut job and a man who
could not run a business...well, the bank is taking that
place...and it will be closing at the end of the year.

So, only a couple of failing businesses left, a couple
spas, a coffee shop, and a couple of nail salons.

I predict our downtown will be like a ghost town
within a year.

Serves them council are a bunch of idiots...
crooks...if you ask me. I told them downtown today that
I was sick of this town and sick of waiting on something
to happen......seems like they simply do not care.

If they do not care, why should anyone else?