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2014-11-30 23:00:26 (UTC)

Comfortable Silence

I have spent most of the afternoon in comfortable silence with Twister, both of us sitting in recliners next to each other, the way I have done with Timothy and Hype and others but this is an odd thing for Twister and I.
we have both been doing our own thing watching out own movies, head phones in.
Talking every now and again about something or another and I think it's been okay...
Its still weird to me that Twister would rather spend the afternoon here in mostly silence with me rather than with Switcher and Selfie or anyone else....
I don't know what to think.
I only know that he needs good people in his life and if he'll let me i'll be one of those people dispite what anyone else thinks.

I'm still on guard, I still am watching out for myself and what he could say or do to hurt me....
I will always be guarded with him, and I think that's okay.

I wonder what else will happen in the Twisters Twist of Fate soap opra...
tune in next week...
just joking, mostly...