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2014-11-27 13:49:36 (UTC)

Cleaning for the TG guests....

I think I am onto something. My son and husband have been
cleaning for two days. My son got up early today to clean his
room. I mean picking the crap off the floor, putting clothes
and shoes away, made his bed, asked for cleaning supplies to
whip things down etc. All because it is Thanksgiving Day and
his sister and her family are expected. Maybe a couple of

I figure I could tell both of them that we are having the
family over for dinner a couple times a month and they would
actually clean the house. DUH. That is a no brainer.

I have not really had to do much myself. I was off working
a couple counties over yesterday and when I got home, he had
vacuumed the carpet, took out the trash, made a couple pies,
all I had to do last night was make the cornbread for the
stuffing today. He was cleaning up as he went, so I did not
even have to do that.

This morning they slept in and I went over a few things
in the bathroom and got the dining table enlarged and the
chairs in place. The turkey was in the oven and cooking
during the night, I had set out some scented candles to
lite but it smells pretty good in here without that.

I even asked my son to clean the bathtub in his and my
husbands bathtub. No problem. Not today. But when I
asked the same things a few weeks ago, went onto deaf ears.


Yeah, I am onto something.

Even if I invite them here at least once a month....
maybe I would get these two off their tails more to
help out around here.

Feels good.