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2014-11-25 01:09:56 (UTC)

Doctor said

I was surprised that I got in today. But I arrived at 2:00
and hopeful for some direction and get this over with..

The ear she said could be a sinus issue from what she could
determine with what I was saying. Gave me some nose spray
to use until it runs out. If that does not clear it up, then
I will go to a ear specialist to get a MRI to see more.

The reoccurring heart burn, she told me what not to eat....
and wanted to know if this does not clear up or stop within
4 weeks. If not, she will send me to have on of those scopes
shoved into my throat to see what the issue is.

NO More

Smaller meals..
less smoking

She gave me some things to try to cut down and hopefully stop.

Need to lose weight....
and all of the above....

and if this does not help, she will send me to have more
testing done....for both issues. to WALMART I went to get it filled. Man, it is
times like this I wish I used CVS. The line at the pharmacy
was so I took my list of things to get and went
on about it. It was crowded. People were running their
carts into was a mad house in there.

I forgot to change my shoes....which I intended to do
at the doctors I was walking around in Walmart
with pink NIKE sandals with white socks on. DAMM.
But I fit right in...... get through the night with no chocolate.

My first hurdle.