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2014-11-23 20:49:34 (UTC)

Is it me or is it something else

I am not seeing a lot of the usual posters here much anymore...
and the page to view entries seems to be the same one I saw
last time I was here. Hate to see lots of people not being here

I have used this site for many years. I miss reading the
updates on your lives and seeing what is working and what
is not.

Today, I actually cooked pancakes, bacon and eggs and
made that birthday cake all before they were up this
morning. It all turned out good.

He decided to cook Thanksgiving dinner anyway. He invited
his brother...who would have had no where to go if he had
not invited him to come here.

So, I sent a text to the daughter to let her know it was
on again if they wanted to come. They have other family
closer to her house so I am not insulted or hurt if they
choose to stay over there near their own area. I would
rather they do that sometimes just because I worry about
that long drive for them both ways.

Not sure who will come or not. I invited the BFF too...
but she already made commitment to go to her aunts.

I am still experiences heartburn. Thinking about going
to doctor this week in hopes of learning why and maybe
let her start some appointments with an ear specialist to
find out what in the world is going on with my ear.

Try to get some of these things out of the way....
and stop worrying about if it is heart burn
or am I having mild heart attacks?

You never know when you get this old....

I have already out lived almost everyone that I know...


that is about it for today...

hoping everyone has a safe week