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2014-11-23 15:32:23 (UTC)

Yesterday and Today

The party went really well and I feel really good about the people who showed up even with some minor annoyances.
Roberta....uhhh I was so mad at her! she comes up to me first thing when he get there while I was still getting the last bit of stuff out and ready for the party and starts saying how she talked to Eudora and Eudora knew nothing about the party and how I didn't tell her blah blah blah on and on and I told Roberta that I had told Eudora about it like two weeks ago, and Kay(who helped me and made Punch(bless her) had also talked to Eudora about the party this week) so she knew! she was just out of town.
But Roberta the Bitter would not let it go!
I can't believe I called her to help by calling her class to remind then about the party...uhh never again!
never showing a sign of weakness.
made me so mad uhhh.

anyways so todays church, I need sleep lol but I'm not going to get it.
Brandye and I might go see Moking Jay yay!
got ot go!