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2014-11-22 20:17:15 (UTC)

Frustrating Saturday so far...

Last night went well. I arrived before my BFF and introduced
myself to her cousin who was hosting the party. It went better
than I thought. I really enjoyed the necklaces and ordered one
with a locket full of trinkets that were just for me. A camera,
a guitar, a house, a saxophone, and a art thing. I can not wait
to get it.

Will get to go back to her cousins house too in order to pick it
up. I loved them, Felt welcome and very at home.

We went downtown afterwards, just me and my BFF. We got to see
a bunch of people we has not seen in a while. Neither of us
have been out much lately. She met a guy too. But later
learned he was only 51 yrs old and feels that is too young
for she passed on him. He was really interested
though. Made her feel good.

Today, I decided to install the new Vipre anti virus program
on my laptops. Well, thought I had it done on the Toshiba, but
now I can not even get logged on.

On this one, I am having a problem staying connected to the
internet and right now and here on this site with absolutely
no antivirus installed.

Not sure if I should call the cable internet company or the
tech guy. I can not afford to keep paying the tech guy
as he charges so much, and shit...this lap top is new...
and I should not be having so many issues with it.

I thought about shoving it back the box and shipping it
back to Home Shopping Network. But there are things about
it I like. So, I will hold off for now...take a chill pill
and give it some thought.

At least I still have the trust worthy desktop which I will hold off
installing this new anti virus until I know more about what
the problem is.

I get so frustrated when I do not understand something.
I have some upcoming training that I must do online...
so I need to at least keep one working. The desktop wins
that slot today.

I came home early last night. We did not stay in there long.
I left before her....she is a talker...but she told me this
morning that she did not stay that long after I left.
It was good to get out.

But again, I spent way too much cash.....

I do better at that when I stay home

But that home shopping network....

well, I am going to have to stop tuning in to that show.