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2014-11-22 06:24:47 (UTC)

13 hours and 42 minutes until

tomorrows the aniversary party... ahhh nervous! hope it goes well.
still awake at 12:20 when i really need to be asleep, gonna need it tomorrow.
really, Really, really hope its not a dud.
really hope i don't embaress myself somehow omg....
hope people follow through with bringing stuff and showing up.
fingers crossed.
Deep breathe, Sleep
oh and it feels like i've written this whole thing in hash tags when i haven't used hash tags for real in my life!
#old soul
#Had a life before technology
#90s kid
#Can survive with out computer and phone.

i say as i type this out using the internet on my phone.... uhhh i need sleep goodnight,
Wish me luck and send a prayer my way for tomorrow!