My Letter To The World
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2014-11-21 17:07:12 (UTC)


1. If you could be anywhere right now a real place or a fictional place where would you go?

2. Who do you turn to when no one's left to take your side?

3. What is an Escape for you?

4. Whats your mood right now?

5. Current song to decribe you mood?

My answers:

1. If i could go anywhere right now, it would probably be Either be the UK or Australia either way to be with friends.

2. I don't know. God. My self, to writting i guess.

3. Reading is an escape for me, as well as music, though somehow those became a combined thing, like when i'm mad, upset, sad ect. I will go to the life lines, headphones, music, book, block out the world and all the people in it when they become to much.
Had to do that today, i imagine i'll have to do it more today if it contunues the way its been.

4. My mood is somewhere between sad and frustrated, not angry or sullen, just frustratedand sad.
And nobody seems to get that or care to get it.
So what ever, apathy would be nice right now.

5. Current song(s) Angels on the moon by Thriving Ivory and I'm still here by the Goo Goo Dolls. Also Let that be Enough by Switchfoot.

Alright guys please send in your own answers or ask me some of your own questions i'd be happy to answer.