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2014-11-21 16:34:57 (UTC)

Finally Friday

Since I do recall telling the boss I would not be available today
and he agreed to take up some of the slack tomorrow I am trying to
get some things done around here. I already steam mopped the
kitchen and wiped down the cabinet doors and folded my last load
of towels. That is it for me.

Got a text this morning from my favorite business woman friend client
just saying good morning and telling me she misses me. That was sweet.

I am now ready to get out of this house today.....

going to leave out a couple hours earlier so I can
ride by the house we are going to the jewelry party
tonight and I will know where I am gets
dark here at 6 o'clock now. I like to know my way
around areas that I do not go too much.

While out and about, I can look around for some homes
that might be for sale by owners too. The party is
located in a near by college town. I have taken
many classes there myself. Sometimes we see good
deals near town. So I will take some time to check
that out.

It is cold as hell outside. But I have my bedroom window
up and the fan on.....when in the kitchen, I opened the
window by the sink. There should be a way to heat your
dang house with out heating up one or two rooms so hot
it is unbearable. Wish I knew what that way was. I go
through this every winter. I HATE WINTER

Although I feel fortunate not living up north where I
would be forced to drive in snow most of the winter..
and can not believe the things I seeing on the news
about the recent record breaking amounts of snow up
there. I would really hate being in that mess.

Maybe one of these days if I live long enough I can
go live in a paradise tropical island somewhere....

seriously sick of where I am now.

Taking a couple days to myself....
spending some time with my BFF and meeting
some of her relatives tonight that she talks
about all the time. I am hoping this goes
well and I begin some new life time relationships.

She certainly thinks the world of her cousin.

Being in situations like the one I will be in
tonight reminds me how lacking in a family
that I am. However, everyone can not have
the perfect family. Who does? I love
seeing this bond between people that being
related only brings. I suppose missing out
on that type of thing....has caused me to
brought down my self esteem some or caused me
to feel less of a person. Having strong relationships
though with people like my BFF who I have known since
HS days helps lighten the damage being from a family
like mine can cause. I am a work in progress...

even at this old age of amount 62.

OH LORD that BD is right around the corner....