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2014-11-21 07:11:26 (UTC)

Dear Jay

Dear Jay,

Your mother passed away yesterday... But you don't need me to remind you of that... I jusy want you to know how incredibly sorry i am for your loss, my heart is broken for you and i cried.
I wish i could be there with you to be a good friend, but i can't and i feel guilty.
I feel like my Loyaltys are torn between 2 places, like i have valid reasons to be here and valid reasons to be there.
The quote is true you know?

"You will never be completely at home again because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of knowing and loving people in more than one place."
I believe that, i live that.

You know even with all of yesterdays, and todays technology, letters, emails, FB, Phones, skype(which i now have) and anything else, its still doesn't beat being with someone in person,i could use all of those things to talk to you right now and it wouldn't be the same, things will still be disjointed. Becsuse we have never met in person.
I hope we will someday, but i'm getting off topic. Way off topic.

Jay i can't imagine what your going through, what exactally your feeling and i don't know exactally what you need/ want to hear from me when we talk, maybe you just want me to listen(i can do that) or maybe you want a distaction from your life(i can do that too, just tell me) or maybe you just need to hear that you are loved and that your going to be okay(i can do that)
I'm thinking of you, Praying for you, my whole family is actually you have support systems in people you've never talked to, we care, we're here.
So please, be okay.

Your Friend,