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2014-11-20 23:00:58 (UTC)

Some progress today...but not much

I slept later than usual but got up alone as he was still in bed.
I got started by getting all the papers and files I had piled up
to go through and get rid of and note important information.

I moved a lap to my bed so I could work from the bed today.
I am in bed so much. Probably too much. Not sure if having
an office area in here will help me stay out of bed or not.

I was getting frustrated with having to enter a password to
log onto this laptop. It was stupid. Plus I am still getting
use to the keyboard and it takes several tries to get logged
in. So, I went into my controls and removed that feature. It
was not that hard and really made my day better. Or at least
I have that behind me and off the list of things to do.
I worked on going through the notepads tossing things not
needed anymore and keeping things I need to log to my notes.

I am finally finished with that.

Now, if only I could figure out two more things with this lap
top. I do not mind having the windows on here, but when I
am on Internet Explorer, I do not need windows sliding into
the frame from the side all the time. I wish I knew how to
put it to sleep when I am not using it.

two, I wish I could set the size of the page, fonts so when
I am moving my hands on the mouse pad, I do not have to resize
the page when it gets real small or real large. That is
annoying. But hey, we can not solve all problems in one
day now can we? What would I have to do tomorrow.....

I finally got the new Parcel ID numbers for the property
under contract from the county. Looks different than what
we were told. I studied it a while then forwarded it
to the lawyer, my boss and our client to review. If they
have any questions or concerns, hopefully the lawyer can
resolve we can move on.

I know I need to get back on track with those changes that
I said I needed to make. I am gaining weight again....
sipping on a cola way too many times a day and never getting
any exercise. I feel like crap. All day long I feel like

Made a damn pie last was so good too. I took a
very tiny slice just to taste it before putting it into
refrigerator....thought it was hard to chew up the walnuts
and wish I had not put in so many. Next time I will use
pecans. they are easier to chew. Just wanted to make it
to see how it would turn out. It will probably be thrown
into the trash after being in that refrigerator for a few

Back to those needed changes I need to make.

I know I need to stop smoking. I told him today that when
the remodel is completed, we will not allow smoking any longer
inside this house. My son and I will both have to go outside
to smoke. So, I will have a reason to cut down and work on
my desk area which no one has been on in two years.

Use to be my favorite sit out there at night
with candles...and have a cold beer. Have not done that
in a very long time.....well, over two years.

I know I need to stop the cola. It is an addiction.
I am addicted to coke. Coke a cola that is. I need
to stop the chocolate fix every evening....too. I know
better than that. I need to actually take those damn
vitamins I paid a fortune for. Yeah, I do not even
take them.

But I really use that serum for my would not
believe how much I have spent on that damn serum. But it
does work from what I can see. However, the reason for
getting it in the first place was too one, see if it
actually works...and two, try to figure out what that
other ingredient is that is in it so I can make my own.
I have one of the ingredients already. I am smart that way.

God, I need to get this dark color off my hair. I hate it.
I want it changed. But I am scared it will have to be a
shade of red before it can lighten up to the color
it was. Or I could let it grow back out and have it
cut very very short and look like a lesbian. A pretty
lesbian. But not sure if I want to go through that mess
again. It was hard. First thing I did when I left
the beauty shop was go buy a 300 dollar wig....of which
I NEVER WORE once. I am ridiculous sometimes.

I am not really all that vain, but
this getting older is not the easiest thing to live through.

I have to meet other professionals and clients once and
a while....I have to be try to look somewhat or halfway
decent. It did not use to be so hard. But it is getting
harder now.


One thing at a time I guess. I have managed to get organized
so I can work easier by having the names and contact information
of lawyers, home warranty companies, inspectors, lawn service
guys, friends, clients, and brokers I have worked with and all
that has notes so when I look it up, I can recall last
transaction and some know, break the ice

Although I know I should not be working in bed like this.
It works for me right now. At least it is not because
I am in pain. That pain has gone away so I can not use
that as an excuse.

Maybe I am just lazy. And that could be from being so
tired all the time. Very tired. Back to those changes
I need to make.

guess it is time to get that in order