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2014-11-19 20:44:41 (UTC)

Later we have a sign of progress

I guess after I talk today, he is finally beginning to realize
that I do not have a lot of faith in what he says. I did let
him know that if he does not feel up to the task, all he has
to do is say so and we can just simplify the entire plan and
just get little things done as we can afford it.

I understand that he is concerned about spending too much
money when we do not have that much coming in at the moment.

He did mention that he would not mind going back to work
doing something else near here once we get some of this
stuff done. So, that was positive.

He left to go get his license renewed. When he came back
with groceries (of course), he said he stopped by the
storage place to see how much their units cost per month.
He wanted to compare prices.

That is the first positive thing he has said or done
in a while.

But it is a start.

In the meantime, I will put on my HR hat and start
looking into warehouse jobs near here where he can
work part time. He reminded me that he does have
license to drive a fork lift.

So, that is too a start in a more positive direction.

Plus I also think myself agreeing to pay for
the washer and dryer made him feel like I was
going too be helping. Plus I agreed to put
money into our joint savings account each time
I have a closing.

I do not mind doing that since I can take out
that money if things go sour here and I decide
to move on.

It will be refreshing to see things being moved out...

I just pray that he does not expect to move that crap
back in here. I would rather him having a storage
building for his crap that we do not use or ever will.

Time will tell if this new news is the beginning
of something.

I may be going to a jewelry party Friday night if
my BFF feels like it. She wants me to meet her cousin
and she is the one giving it. I do not wear jewelry.
But I could buy something for my granddaughters I

Should be a good thing to get out of here for a
time and be around other people. This lady has one
of those beds I looked at. I want to see which one
she choose and see if she got it cheaper than the
one I looked at. I do not need all the vibrating
massaging features...just the adjusting bed.
That is what she got. Her insurance helped pay
for it too. She was in a bad wreck a couple years
ago and is still being out back together.

Be careful out there on the roads guys.
We lost a County Sheriff this morning when he
was in a lane beside of an transfer truck waiting
to make a turn. Another truck wheezed by that
truck and nipped it enough while it was turning
and caused it to overturn onto the Sheriffs
cruiser. He was dead at the scene. A very
tragic and horrible thing to happen.

Be careful out there guys!