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2014-11-19 17:28:34 (UTC)

His suggestions turn into more bullshit.

God I get tired of listening to him sometimes.

He walked in to my room last night for something or
another and the discussion of how to make my room
work came up because he brought it up, not I. He
suggested instead of leaving part of the wall up
to separate my bedroom from the office area, just
take down the whole wall. So, I told him that I
would have to give that some thought.

So, I did. If we took down that wall, I could instead
of having my bed in front of a window blocking the light,
I could place it in between two windows. By moving it
over that much toward the office area, I would have
room on the other side for a recycler of some sort
so I am not always in bed when in my room. On the other
side, I would have my office area. So, I drew did
some measuring and drew the plan. I like it better
this way. If we or some future owner of this place
wanted too, this master bedroom would be way big
enough for a king size bed, I use a queen.

So, we discussed it this morning when he got up.
He tried to back out of it...but at the end agreed
it was a good idea and also was getting use to
creating that extra large closet in between
my room and my sons room.

Later in the morning I got a call from one of my
clients telling me that the work she having done
would be completed sooner than originally thought
and we may be able to close sooner....


I started writing down recipes of pies and crock
pot candy to show him. He really liked that pie
idea and said we could try that. So, we started
talking about the laundry room

I told him that if he and my son would paint
the laundry room and put down the new floor,
I would go pay for the washer and dryer and have
it delivered after my next two closings.

Well, he moaned and groaned about having to haul
off the old washer and dryer and I promised to
take care of that so he did not have to be concerned.
He said he did not want to do
far as touching or moving those items. Ok,
that tells me that he is unable to do heavy
lifting which I am not surprised about. But
surprised that he would finally admit it.

We were talking about the cost of the washer and
dryer and he was thinking that the steam front
load dryer and washer were around 600 for the pair.

Not individually.

Hmmmm? I told ya'll he was living in the past.
He has no idea what is going on in the world in
2014. Do you know how long it has been since
you could buy a pair of washer/dryer for under
700 bucks? NEW?

I explained the cost to him and agreed to pay
for them if he and the son would agree to get
that laundry room ready for the new washer and

Then the conversation went to the refrigerator
and range. Ya'll know I only have one burner
that works on my range and the refrigerator
will NOT keep lettuce fresh for more than a
day. Well, I asked him if the new appliances
that we looked at would fit in there before
the remodeling of the kitchen? He said he was
not sure he would have to measure it to see.

This damn man knows that together we have almost
80k in the bank right now. But he would let me
pay for these appliances out of my own funds
before he will go get them himself. WOW!

I an't doing all that.

But if he and the son do get that laundry room
ready, I will go get the washer and dryer....
maybe seeing that one thing completed, he will
be motivated to start this god damn other stuff
and get it over with.

However, that is it. I am not going to pay
for the kitchen appliances. He can kiss my

My intentions are to save my money so I can get
the hell out of here if things do not work out.
At some point I will have to decide.

And if I leave, I will leave the damn washer/dryer
and he can enjoy living in this himself.

I am sick of his mother fucking promises...

all he has to do is say, honey, I do not think
I am able to do these things right now.

If he said that, we could hire it out a little
at a time and I could or would help pay for it.

But I can not pay for it all at once. I do not
have the money.

But if I have to leave here, I will be taking
half of what is in the bank...

and I will be living in a nicer place.

FUCK this shit.