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2014-11-19 03:18:36 (UTC)

Blue prints faxes and emails...

I was up early again working on some finishing details of a few
things. Trying to get the paper work ready for the showings
on Thursday and get it all scheduled. After going through all
that, the guy text me to say their plane won't be here in time
for him to make the showing appointments on Thursday and asked
that I schedule the appointments for Friday and Saturday. AND?

Like I have three days to spend with him as if I have no other
clients? DUH...I talked to the boss who agreed to show the
property for me on Saturday. So, I called to cancel Thursdays
appointments and rescheduled them for Saturday. Then, the guy
did not understand why one of the homes was not on the list.
He told me why can we not see that one since it is really the
only one they really wanted to see? I called back to find out
if I could show that one on Friday. They had previously said
that no showings were allowed on Saturday for that one. Well,
I was then informed that the house was under contract. So, I
let him know this and he said he was cancelling his trip. The
good news is the boss does not have to show property for me
on Saturday. And the bad news is this guy always misses out
on good property for waiting too long. Whatever....

Then I got the repair list being done on the house under contract.
To my delight and the buyers too, my sellers are fixing everything...
plus they are providing a home warranty. This one is in the bag.

I was finally getting ready to take it easy when I got an email
from the daughter asking me to print out, fax a file after
changing it to PDF so she could send it to someone. I am not
sure why she can not save a file in PDF. I am not able to
even print a PDF file from my desktop. IF I did not have this
new laptop, I would be lost. But I was able to open it and convert
it to PDF and send back too her. That was quicker.

I am learning more and more about this laptop and it is teaching
me how to do things that I was unable to do before.

This is refreshing.

Matter a fact...last night I opened up this trial program
that I played with a while. Then I was able to create
a floor plan blueprint page of my bedroom with the office
beside of it. I added the doors, the windows, and the measurements
it was perfect. I showed it too the old man and he was
impressed. With all the running back and forth I have had to
do coming back in here to fax, and back in there to pick up
pages that I have printed out....back and forth all day long...
it will be so much easier when this is done.

IF IT IS EVER DONE...that is.

I am not counting on it.

But If it is not done soon. I am going to get that new wireless
desktop, printer and I am going to start getting rid of things
in this bedroom and I am going to have the cable guy come
and install a new line in here...and I will have it all in here.

I will also keep my door locked

I ventured out today for a short ride. I could not help
but notice how damn tired I am. I have been feeling very
very tired lately. Plus I also have been experiencing a
lot of severe to moderate heartburn very often.
I talked to him about it when I came home. He wants
me to go back to the doctor. Just to be on the safe side.

I will give it some thought.

Got a thank you text from my daughter.