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2014-11-18 03:23:50 (UTC)

Funny Fondness and Fixed Friendships.

So with Talking with Twister more and more i've started to develop a... Fondness for him.
Thats kind of scary to me because i know he can change like the flip of a switch but i've decided to change my attitude twards him in front of people and be more supportive and positive to him like i have been in priviate.
No more putting him down, no more putting him first in the dead game.
Even if he doesn't change how he attitude twards me in public.
Maybe it will make a difference, maybe it will change his life, to have someone who loves him unconditionally.
It won't be easy because of our past and his... Annoyances but its worth it to me to try.
He deserves it. He is worth it. I want to be a christ like example in his life.

I fixed things sort of with Jab, i don't think the air is totally clearef but its a start its a step in the right direction, and for that i'm very thankful for.
It started again and went something like this:

Me: Can we try this whole talking thing again?
Jab: Dork.
Me: I love you... Dork.
Jab: I love you too.

And so i hope things start anew.
I said i love you because its Universal, it covers all. It speaks volumes when other words fall short...
It's what friendships begin with, and should be what everything ends with.
I'm not naive, i know this will take work to build back but its worth it.
Yeah... He's worth it. :)

I think the moral of this Entry is that everyone needs Love, grace and mercy and really people are usually worth it to Try to give those things to them.
Even if it Hurts you. Because you love them.
Love covers a multitude of sins.
Love changes things.
Love is Infinate and we can make as much of it as we want, so spread love instead of Hate, I could hate both Twister and Jab but instead i choose to Love them.
I choose the Harder path...
I choose the stronger path.
I choose Love.