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2014-11-17 21:44:37 (UTC)

Later in day after my ranting...

Or maybe I was bitching a bit. But I did have a discussion
with him after my last post. It was shocking to me that he
actually got up this morning before noon. I was drinking
my coffee still updating some files in my effort to get
organized when he walked into the kitchen and spoke to me.
Hell, I thought someone had broken into the house. Scared
the crap outta me. So, he had a cup of coffee and I continued
my efforts.

Later he walked back into the kitchen area where I have a
desktop and desk area set up. We started a mild really nothing
to do with anything talk. I brought up the remodeling and asked
him to show me what he was talking about last night about
adding that second door to my office. He showed me what his
was thinking and I went along with it for a while just to
let him explain his reasons.

The only reason he really had was he did not want to leave
a long bare wall on that side leading to the hallway to
my area of the house. Well, I then explained him how instead
of adding a door to my office which I really did not need,
he could use that space just like it is to close up the
doorways to the rooms that are there now and some folding
doors and make that area a large closet. He then was showing
me how doing it his way would give me more wall space in
my office....which sounded ok, but still there is the sound
issue since the den where he is going to be watching tv
late at night and all the time very loudly would be
too much noise for me to work in peace. I do not need anymore
wall space in my office since I have already measured it
and everything I plan on putting in there will fit nicely.
I would rather have the storage closet where we could hang
coats, store the vacuum cleaner and crap like that which
now is just anywhere we use it last. He agreed finally to
my reasoning.

So, I got my way on that one. Then I told him that we have
been talking about all this all year. He told me earlier
in the year that he is waiting on the weather to cool off.
Now, since the weather has cooled off, I am not sure what
the hold up is. He started talking about how much
it will cost. Well, we had an idea in the beginning how
much it would cost and we do not have to do it all at
once. I am still making money and do not mind paying for
things myself.

He really does not like the idea of the siding on the house.
He instead would rather he have it painted. Which I told
him was fine just so he does not paint my red brick
crawl space area or pick out a horrible color. So that was
settled. We do not have to do that right away either...
I am more concerned with the inside.

I told him if he and my son would just start with the laundry
room...paint it...put down new flooring. I would buy the
washer and dryer if he would handle helping them come
and install it. He was ok with that.

But when?

Again like always time will tell.

He does not believe I have any money. Probably because I do
not give it too him or put it our joint account. So, I told
him that I would put 2k in our savings account next month
when I close on current deals pending. He says in a not
so nice voice that I can never count on deals closings since
things sometimes fall apart and do not close. I could put
that money in there today, but I really do not want him
knowing that I have been saving money.

He found it necessary to remind me of the house where the Wisconsin lady blow a fuse about a few repairs and backed out. Well, that happened.

but I had already had a closing on that other property near
here. He seems to forget. But actually I do not tell him
everything about my business. But he will see when I follow
through with my promises. Something he does not do.

I said fucking shit a few times during this conversation.

He threw that up in my face. I looked around and said
there is no one here but you and I. No little kids or
people who it would bother. He still had to say that
I use that word way too much. DUH! Well, do not
continue to disappoint me. That is a word that people use
who are frustrated with things. I AM FRUSTRATED WITH THINGS!

I could have said something about his Archie Bunker
mentality and some of the crap he brings up around
people making himself sound like a racist. He hates
everyone and everything....he hates Charlotte, the Panthers
the Hornets, all the nascar drivers...he hates music
or most of it. I have many talented friends who play
but he does not want to hear them. He think they
are wasting their time.

AN't that the pot calling the kettle black?

Anyway...I reminded him I told our daughter we were not
celebrating the holidays this year...because we were
going to be remodeling. If that is not true, not having
them over here for the holidays could be awkward when she
learns that no remodeling was taking place. I am only asking
about when it will begin because of that for one reason
other reason would be I think you never intend to do it.

A damn good one too.

Anyway....he may never start it.

But I will start what I am going to do.
And he may not like the end result. He can
wear the pants around here.
But I have told him before several times that I do
not intend to live in a thrift store.

And I do not intend to live here with this crap like this.

If he does nothing. I put the 2k in our savings...
but will save the rest of my upcoming funds for the next yr...
and when I am ready. WHy? Because I keep my promises.

And while I wait on this to get started and nothing he thinks I won't move out....

Good luck with that buddy.....
the partnership or whatever he thinks this farce of a
marriage is...will be ending....and I will

I do not need this shit.

And if they do not do the laundry....fine...
I will still buy a new washer and dryer for my
damn apartment that I will be getting.

time to go