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2014-11-16 23:59:09 (UTC)

Preparing for a cold but busy week...

Still working things out with the two deals that will close in
December. Still hoping it all works out. Got two more properties
to my list to show the out of town couple on Thursday.

Spent the day working on my desk again. I really will start
keeping only one legal pad to take notes at a time instead
of several.

I downloaded and installed my printer driver so I could print
wireless. I felt like running around in yard doing a victory
lap. It worked!

So, I decided since I was on a roll, I would install my forms
program onto this laptop. It worked too. I am getting more
organized too. Today was a big step. Really.

I noticed too on the forms program that this new updated
one has a address book on it. I have needed one for a long
time. SO, I started going through my recent notes to
add many contacts. Clients, Attorneys, Inspectors, Friends
and I have created categories for all of them. It will be
so much more helpful for me.

I expect to be using this laptop for many years. As I get more
used to it...I am enjoying it very much.

The Falcons came to town to beat the Panthers butt today.
Not sure what to say about that. I was hoping the Panthers
could have at least beat the Falcons. But they lost. Not
by much, but a loss is a loss.

Got to watch the end of the race....and to my surprise, Jeff
Gordon did not come running around a corner at the end to
get in a fight. I did notice the drivers leave their helmets
on a little longer now probably to be safer from cry baby
Jeff....who seems to have become a bad sport this year
with the new rules. He must have an issue with change.
Honestly I can not blame him too much for it as far as this
new Chase to the end thing. It makes no sense too me which
is a good thing I have nothing to do with Nascar...just ride
past the speedway on my way to Harrisburg once and a while.

I like Jeff. Just giving him hell a little. I really like
Tony Stewart too...and I hope now that the season is over
he can get some rest and regroup. He is not the monster
that people think he is. He is just like the rest of the
men he is surrounded by...he has a family and many fans
who will always stay by him when times are rough. He had
a very rough year. I love Tony Stewart.

Things are winding down here as far as business goes
and I too hope to get some things done and take a bit
of a break myself.

Hell, I might break in that passport and fly to one of
those Islands that I talk about so much. Go alone though.
That would be hard but I will give it some thought
as long as I get the things done around here that I
shot my mouth off about and said I would do....and still
have enough funds to make something happen.

I am ready for a trip to paradise.

Anyone got any suggestions?