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2014-11-16 15:55:12 (UTC)

Chilly Sunday Canary Islands?

I have not been outside of the house since earlier this week.
I hate cold freezing weather we are having but living in an
area that is not tropical this is what I must endure unfortunately.

Yesterday was a hoot when I logged into the Healthcare dot gov
site to make changes to my insurance and find out the cost of
what it will be next year. I was hoping to avoid being locked
into this system but ended up just letting my coverage roll
over so I could keep what I have. It was not too hard to drop
the old man off my coverage.

But when I started answering questions on the site to help
determine the cost of my coverage, I got to a part that asked
me how much I had made in this month. Well, I was honest and
put in the exact amount. Then this calculation popped up
saying that I had made 105K this year. LOL! I about felt
off my seat laughing. It was hard to recover from the shock.

So, I had to call them. Once I got connected, it was easy to
fix. This time I over calculated what I may earn next year.
Then he told me to call them in March when I am sure of what
the SS payments will be so they can make an adjustment if there
needs to be one. Fine. It is handled.

So, now I have to update some files and put correct and needed
information into them. I am noticing that when I open a file
looking for something, it is not there. So, I will be spending
some time updating all the folders of clients that I am currently
working with.

Today I was going to go shop for ink for the printer, but ended
up ordering it from HSN and an anti virus program too. So, that
is handled.

I am really enjoying this laptop now that I have got more use
to it.

I try to spend a little bit of time each day working on clearing
things out. I am noticing that he is continuing to do absolutely

So..I need to decide if I am going to go ahead and have sliding
installed on the house and maybe new windows if I can afford it..
in hopes that doing that will encourage him to get started here...
so we can get this remodeling behind us.

I believe that he is waiting until after we file our taxes this
year to be sure that we do not have to pay. I understand that.

But I can still start looking and discussing with contractors
and getting estimates on what I am willing to do.

The only thing is....I know if I do all that, I will be broke
again. I will not have the funds to purchase that bed I want.

I may need to start saving so I can have enough to do it all
and still have money left. Not sure. This may not get done
until after the cold leaves us and things start warming up...
but one at least I will have the money.

I see no need to take off to the beach to avoid construction
until he actually starts yes, I am thinking of that

If he waits too long, I may not be able to afford it.

And if he waits too long, I may be too busy with my clients
to do it.

Right now, I should be finished with all clients that I
am currently working with by the end of January.

I need to take a break.

It just might not be as long as I wanted.

And waiting on my BFF to take one too.....well, I am not
sure if she can do it right now. I was hoping she would
be offered a job so she could put in a notice....of a
week...and still have a couple weeks to spare so we could
take a break somewhere warm.....I would even get on
a plane to do that. But that may have to wait until
next winter....

if we live that long.

I hate winter.

I need to be in a warm climate on the east side of the US
or east west side.

Any suggestions! And I do mean warm, Island like..
affordable to live...
cause you know that if I locate that special place...
I just may never return. I can work from anywhere
there is internet, a bank and an airport.


Canary Islands sounds good...but maybe too far west for me.