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2014-11-14 23:54:45 (UTC)

Friday update....still dealing with idiots

I sent the signed contracts to her last night so she could take
care of getting her sellers to sign them. That is correct,
there are two to sign, not just one.

I was up early ready to receive copies so I could begin
scheduling the closing and send to loan officer so they
could get the appraisal scheduled.

I first get a email from my seller on another deal who wants
to be sure the buyer is not going to back out before she
schedules the repairs. I told her to hang tight while I
check. The buyer agent told me the buyer was still excited
about the property and is not backing out. I talked to her
a while....she is a delight to work with. Very professional.

I relayed to the good news to the seller and moved on to
other things.

Then I get a call from an agent about one of my very hard
to sell properties near the speedway. He said in his research
on the property address, he has learned that there are two
properties with that address with two drastically different
prices. So, I pulled it up and sure enough, I saw it too.
The big ole monster house that was built beside of our
listing has the same address, but when you click on the
tax information, there is a different one. I called the
listing agent about it. She was stunned and suggested I
call MLS. So I did. We decided mine was entered correctly
and hers was not. They wanted me to notify her that she
would have to send them a note in writing to have them
take care of it. She later called me to confirm that it
was handled.

I have been so busy today, I have not had time to check.

I started getting messages from that PA buyer who wants me
to schedule some showings for next week. So, I got started
on that. I hope he is serious about buying and not just
looking for something to pass his time when he is in town
here. Time will tell. That one house he had me present
an offer on is sold now. They do not last long.

Around 10 this morning I get an email that had been forwarded
to me saying it was the signed contract. There was no attachment
so I sent her a text right away telling her that the email
did not have an attachment. I waited a while...but never
received it before updating the boss.

I decided to go ahead and call attorney to schedule the closing
so we could have the time slot that we needed. That is done,
the lawyer called and talked to me himself. He is friends
with the buyer who is our client.

I finally had to send that email I got this morning back to
all of them..including her seller saying that I still have
not received signed contracts. Finally she called me saying
she was sending right then...I checked to see if there was
an attachement...and there was. So we stopped I
could pull it up.
I learned that it was only for the house, not the lot.
So, I had to call her back. Apparently she did not send
the one for the lot yet..and I will have to wait till they
can use docu sign to send it to her.

I sent the one I had to the boss who is taking care of sending
it to the loan officer. He can wait until Monday to take the
Checks by the lawyers office. Hopefully we will have the
other contract by then.

She told me she was in Florida when I talked to her.
I can not believe she would send an attachment without
making sure it was complete and signed in all the places...
and no changes had been made. She is one more piece of
work. Been a headache working with that one. She is
a nightmare.

Talked to the old man about my office. I was running back
and forth all day long to the computer in the kitchen
are and back in here. I told him I wanted access to
my new office from my bedroom. He agreed after seeing
all the running back and forth I did today.

Going have to work on that insurance thing soon too.
I am really not sure what will happen with all that.

Probably going to have to pay them money with taxes at
the end of the year. Maybe not with the deductions..

but time will tell.

I think I will go ahead and get that new desktop and printer
this month and pay it off when I have my closings next month.

That would add to the deductions for this year and may
help some.

Time will tell.