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2014-11-14 06:51:02 (UTC)

Anti-Bucket list

so if you know me or read my diary before the big delete you'll know i like the idea of having a bucket list, which i'll have to post on here at a later date as its prettu long and i'd like to be finished on here before midnight(12minutes)
anyways i reacently discovered on the internet the idea of an Anti bucket list a list of things you don't hope to or want to do or expierence before you die.
and i got to reading some other peoples anti bucket lists and to be honest most made me laugh at some of the things people put on theirs...and i found it was enjoyable reading what they put and why so i decided to do my own. (may or may not be funny to you)
so with out farther ado and in no particular order besides the order i thought them up in, my anti bucket list.

1. Drugs.
I hate the idea of doing drugs, of being addicted to something or dependent on something i don't like the idea of not knowing what i'm doing or how i'm acting.
i have no intentions of messing up my life in this way.

2. Let my parents down.
I can't stand the thought of disappointing them, i feel like alots riding on me.

3. Get pulled over.
For like speeding or something, i have some real anxiety over this thought... uhh so i'm 20 and haven't been pulled over, been in an accedent or anything and i'd like to keep it that way thank you.

4. Get in a car wreck.
God willing this will never happen to me or anyone i love.
i can't stand the thought of people getting hurt while i'm driving.

5. Get in any legal trouble.
No legal trouble for me hopfully, no breaking the laws no getting framed for murder or anytbing...lol.

6. Get devoriced.
I'm single, not married, i'm not sure i want to get married anymore but if i did/do it will be for life, till death do us part devorice is not an option.

7. Become a Jaded adult.
I don't want to become bitter or apathetic, i don't want to lose my imagination or wonder.

8. Fall for someone else who isn't a Christian.
I want to date/marry a Christian Guy so being emotionally envolved with someone who isn't a Christan will only end in me getting hurt and i've learned that lesson the hard way.

9. Be Totally Drunk/Have a hangover.
So i'm 20 and have never really drank or been Drunk and don't really have a desire to, thats not to say i won't try drinking of some sort, but i will not get Drunk.

10. Go to Jail/Prison.
I may joke about Murdering someone or breaking the law....but umm... No just no, Prison scares me and i don't want a record.

11. Get Cancer.
I think this is self explanitory.

12. Eat Cat, Dog, Bugs or anything just wrong to eat.
I've been to forign countries, i've had the chance to eat bugs *shudders and barfs* and cat and dog, and i just can't stomach the idea(no pun intended)

13. Lose Imprtant teeth.
Like front noticeable teeth in the front or teeth in general...
I have nightmares about this on a regular basis.... Evedentally in dream interpretation this means i am insecure and don't feel like i measure up, which may or may not be true, but maybe i just want to keep my teeth ( imagine that)

14. Get Burned badly again.
Burns are the worst pain imaginable and thats what everyone says, i know from expierence that that is true. I had secind degree burns accross my stomach and pain wise thats the worst type of burn because its worst than 1st degree but when you get third degree it burns the nearves enough you stop feeling it.
I have no desire to ever feel that pain ever again... Imagine seeing your skin shrivle and burn leaving nothing but red raw.... Yeah i'm going to stop there.

15. Break a bone.
never broken a bone besides toes so nothing major and i'd like to stay that way.

16. Watch my parents sick/Die.
This one is self explainitory as well and the thought scares me and breaks my heart.

17. Get beat up/Abused.
I like to think i'd put up a good fight, but i don't want to see how fast i'd crumnle if a person got in a few good aimed punches ect.

18. Break someones heart.
I've had my heart broken, i know how it feels i hope i haven't and won't do that to someone else.

19. Get face or Body piercings.
My pierced ears are plenty enough piercings for me thanks :)

20. Bungee Jump.
Um no i don't want to be attached to a glorified rubber band and feel the snap of it and go flying back up when it reaches the end.... um ouch?
now sky diving i'll do lol.

21. Turn my back on my faith.
No being a coward. no living a lie.

22. Stay for extended time in a hospital(weeks)
Had enough hospital stays and sickness and thinking i was going to dies as a kid, i don't need it now as an adult.

23. Being Cintinuesly unhappy/Depressed.
we all go through times like this but i don't want it to be the norm for my life.

24. Live in Regret.
don't want to regret the things i didn't do, don't want to regret the things i did.

25. Being Disloyal.
I've been betrayed, i won't do that to someone else, even the betrayers.

26. Being remembered as the shy girl.
I don't want to be remembered as the shy girl who never said anything, who sat in the corner of the room and never said anything, never did anything, never changed anything, never made a difference.
or worse to not be remembered at all.

27. To be suicidal again.
Suicide is selfish. i won't do that to the peolple i love. and i will not set that sort of example.
I will not go out that way. i'll go out fighting.

28. Self Harm.
I will not mutilate my body...

29. Kill someone.
I pray to never have to kill someone, with the crazy world we live in you never know...
i would kill to protect the ones i love, i wouldn't want to, id hate it, i'd probably freak out but i would if i had to.(God please don't make me ever have to)

30. Kareoke.
I sing alone....

31. Smoke anything.
I love my lungs too much to put them through that.

32. Buy into desginer anything.
No wasting money over a Name brand blah blah blah. who cares?

33. Get fired.
yeah... no.

alright people there is my Anti bucket list. Send feedback please i'd love to hear your tjoughts and see whats on your own anit bucket list... uhh that went past midnight guys... i'm going to try for some sleep goodnight from me :)