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2014-11-14 00:08:02 (UTC)

SLower day...but a good day

So far anyway....

I got up early awaiting a call from the boss about contracts I
sent last night. I had to make one change as the sellers
wanted to add something. After taking care of that I searched
for home warranties and sent three choices for the buyer to
consider. So, now I wait for the signed contracts after he
and his wife sign I can forward them on to the
sellers agent and as soon as she gets back to me, I can
set up the closing.

The other closing is set up but we are still working out some
things in regards to repairs. That should be final by tomorrow.

I tried to log onto the social security site today It took forever
then I saw what I qualify for and it is much lower than what
I was told. So, I have no idea until they start sending me
some sort of letter to confirm it.

Then I got a letter from OBAMACARE telling me that my insurance
is going up. I will have a new plan unless I decide to choose
another one. I will be choosing another one but I do not want
to start calling them until Nov 15th.

Not sure how that will work out.

And tax time will be a nightmare. I have made way more than
what I had projected when I signed up. Probably going to have
to pay a fee. That may be why he is holding off on the remodel.
People like us are in limbo until we file our taxes.

I guess we will all learn as we go. I am not going to be concerned
about making too much money. That is just crazy. I told him
I have already made way more than I told them, and I am going
to make over 10k before the end of the year....but I will have
several tax deductions to help out with that. I hope it helps
out with that.

Time will tell.

Next year I can use having a home office as a tax write off too.

Hopefully if it is ever built.

Time will tell on that too.

It is disheartening to get up early and start my day...with
my business and do some things around here. He sleeps until
12 or 1 in afternoon and sit on sofa watching Springer and
Maury every single day...and today he did it all day.


I guess though I am beginning to understand more about him.
He is getting older. I am too, but hey, he is older than
me plus having two hip replacements one right after another
can not be easy on him. He still does not walk right.

We are not poor yet and I am sure he is very concerned about
us becoming poor...cause it really does not look like he
is ever going to go back to work. He should have already
been back. None of those guys ever all him about jobs
anymore. So, I guess that is over. His making 80k a year
will never happen again. Be shocker.....

But I am still working and I am still learning. We can never
learn too much. Especially in this ever changing tech world
that people like me work in.

I am thinking about taking a seminar about blogging....and
how to have a better webpage. My webpage sucks out loud.

I pay for it too. But I really do not get much business
from it. Maybe once a year someone will call me from it.
The only good thing about it is the slideshows it makes
for me, branded or not branded. I can not post branded
slideshows on MLS, but I can on social media and I can
email them to clients. It has been a good thing that
makes people happy. But I am sure I can get a program
to do that. Probably already have one...just do not know
how to use it.

Too many things change....and by the time I start using it
it is outdated. I need to work on that.

I know.

Sticking to my plan. No holiday celebration here this year.
I am sending the kids gift cards in the mail. They can
come here or meet me for lunch or something, but that will
be my daughters invite, not mine.

It would be nice to feel that our family was normal....
but it is not. I do not feel like it is normal here...
and my relationship with her is not what I would have
thought it would be. Not sure what went wrong there...
but I am not going to try too hard to fix something
that I did not break.

I try to be good to my kids and grandkids, but it is
harder and harder to take the fact that I do not hear
from her much....maybe a little more recently but
she will go for a very long time in between calls.

It hurts. But hey, I can let it eat me up or try to
stay busy....and do what I need to do to get to a
happier place here in my life...

get the hell out.

Not sure what will happen....

time will fix it or tell us more.