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2014-11-13 06:00:59 (UTC)

Finally got something to work out

After my screaming match with that damn agent....the boss was
real hesitant to even call our buyers with the bad news. Hard to
go back and forth on prices and details after you have been told
one thing that you agree with. He told us to send her an email
outlining our current offer details and contingencies. Say that
the offer was good for 48 hours.

In less than an hour, I got an email that the agent forwarded to
me from the sellers. It was a very nice email accepting our offer
and thanking us for our patience and wishing my buyers a long happy
life in that house. So, I was right. They did agree to our price
and terms. So, I sent that to the boss...and started working
on the contracts. More than one on this deal since it is for
one parcel with a house and another parcel that is vacant land.

That is handled now....
my other buyer has agreed to the repairs so we are hoping
the buyer is happy with that so we can move forward on that one too.

So, I now have two closings in December.

It is time to take a break.

I took my contacts out.

Tomorrow I will go get my car washed if I get stuck
driving at night hopefully I can see better. I hate driving at

The girls want to go out this weekend....I already said no.

I may reconsider if my BFF feels like it.

Not sure yet.

Feeling very successful tonight. And hate I had to scream at
that agent, but she was down right lying about what she had
said to me, and every time she called said something different.

I got a feeling her clients were tired of listening to her
talk. So, that probably help us get our last offer accepted.

Hoping it works out.