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2014-11-13 01:37:28 (UTC)

Screaming loud but can not be heard

So, my buyer met with the attorney and learned the deal that was
going on with this sale. It was not as complicated as the agent
made it seem so we decided to move forward with an offer. She
has told me early this week that they would take the offer we
accepted but went back and forth on fees and such. Not sure why
she felt the need to be difficult, but she was. Every time I
talked to this one she said something different. Not sure if
she has difficult clients and they do not recall what was said
last time. But something went wrong today.

We were discussing the contract and how I was going to write
it up when she realized what we were offering and said oh no,
my clients will not accept that number. That is not what
we agreed too. Well, it was. That was why I was so excited
when I pulled over at the golf course to talk to her and take
notes while she spoke. I always take notes...and our offer
was based on those notes...which were words coming from her
mouth. I got a little loud to interrupt her explanation on
why the price she had come up with was fair and it was such
a good deal...bla bla bla....I ended up screaming at her
over the phone that IS NOT WHAT YOU SAID ON MONDAY around
1:30 when you called say they were okay with the
conversation that you started. Anyway..she denied ever
saying that....and I said well, I sent you a text to
verify....maybe you should send emails when you are negotiating
so you have something to refer back too.

So, she went on and on.....about this and that...I finally
told her I would have to call my buyers to see what they
say about this new turn of events but I was pretty darn
sure that they will NOT pay more than what was agreed on.

So, a little later she called back to change some more details
of the contract if we were to present one....

I had to call the boss so he could relay all this to our buyers.
who said to just send her an email saying what we would pay,
when we want to close and let her know the offer only stands
for 48 hours. I will not be answering my phone when she calls
back, she can leave a voice mail or send an email to respond
so we have record of what she is saying.

If we do not hear back, I have already sent several very nice
properties in the same area that might work for them and
if we do move on to look at other property I hope that I
never have to deal with this bi-polar or alcoholic agent
ever again. She is a nut case.


It is the principal of the thing. You do not talk to people
the way she did...and she brought out the GASTON COUNTY in
me and I had to respond in GASTON COUNTY fashion.

She called back a third time to apologize for the way she
spoke. I apologized and that was it. I told her that we can
only speak for our clients, it is not up to us to make the

Not concerned about it.

We have the best damn attorney in the state who has been
to the supreme court before and made changes in laws.
He told us everything about the sellers and what
was going on and why they are selling...and none of what
he said even resembles anything that she said. She is
an idiot. It was not all that bad. She just did not
want us to know that they were so desperate to sell by
the end of the year. Tough shit now.

The ball in our court and if they do not want to accept
our terms, we shall buy something else. My client
is a millionaire. He will not pay more than what he
wants to pay and it is that simple. Plus that damn
land is not worth that much an acre....probably not
worth half of what they think it is. So, we shall
see in a couple days what will be happening...and
that is it.

We either go to closing on this one.
Or we go to closing on another one.

They want a new property to move into by the end
of the year...and that is what they will have.