My Letter To The World
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2014-11-12 06:17:06 (UTC)


I think my heart just broke a little bit.

you my friend are one of the few who were in my heart before i built a solid brick wall around it, there for you are behind the wall, you have the ability to break my heart and aparently i have the ability to break yours... or else you wouldn't still be holding your anger.

You were online, I jumped at my first chance to talk to you when i knew you were there to see the messages in time.
i say Hey, you ignore me.
i say please talk to me.
and you respond the first word you've spoken to me in over two weeks,
you say "What!"
and i say that i know your angry and that i'm sorry that you are and that i don't want to be in a fight with you, you see and don't respond, i say How can i fix it with you not speakinng to me? and you say your trying to be nice by sutting up"
i say i'd rather you scream, yell, vent and say what your thinking but you don't respond.
you post in public that you don't feel like talking,
neither of us say anthing, you get off line, so do I.

my heart breaks a little more.

I jumped at my chance and you didn't catch me.
are you going to be just like Selfie? my heart breaks at the thought.
but your silence feels just like your walking away did.
it hurts and the fact that it hurts scares the hell out of me.

i don't want you to have that sort of controll over me, the ability to hurt me, to hurt me more than you know.
my friend if you only knew....and whats worse is i think somewhere down there you do...