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2014-11-12 01:23:49 (UTC)

One down one to go...

I was so tired today....but I pushed myself. Tried to take
a nap this morning but it could not happen. Was thankful I
got the contract ready and in folder for the boss.

When we arrived at the house to show our clients the door
was open. It was one of those double doors where one of
them is supposed to be latched at the top to secure it
in place before shutting and locking the door. I guess who
ever was there last did not do that. But we fixed it before
we left.

This was a huge house but needed way too much updating.
SO, we revisited the idea of that other one that they have
been trying to decide on. With the new lower price on the
table, we discussed what to do next. I took my notes,
made calls in the car while the boss drove me back to my
car. We sat there and went over what to do who to call
and made our notes.

By the time I got home, I had a return call from the other
agent who gave me the information I needed to forward to
the boss who will be handling things as we move forward.
I am so happy that these very nice wonderful people are
going to have that great place. I just hope it all works

Now, I will be focusing on the smaller deal I have going on
near here. Got to touch base with the sellers to see what
they are willing to do or not do that came up on the
report. It may fall through. And if it does, I may not
be listing it in the future.

Not sure how that will work out but I will do the best I

I am still real tired. And God knows I should not be
driving at night. It was brutal driving home tonight
but I made it.

Now, I will be taking my notes.....

and rest.

Dinner was on the table....when I got home. I was starving
that was a good thing. Lucky that way.