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2014-11-11 17:30:03 (UTC)

Very tired Tuesday

I got very little sleep last night. I knew I had a very
important call coming in this morning, but I was up before
it came in. Not sure why I could not sleep well last night
but I feel like a zombie today.

Now, I have to drive for 45 minutes to an hour to get to a
showing appointment. But I will have the boss there to
help. With all the documents prepared should make the appointment

Still waiting on response for the repairs being asked for.
Not sure if this deal will take place or not. About tired
of dealing with it.

My BFF called me last night around 8 or so. She is a talker
for sure. I ended up laying the phone down across the room
with it on speaker. When she starts going on and on about
things I can not get a word in. Plus she is going on and on
about people and situations I have no knowledge of. I simply
do not like hearing about people's business. I do not care
who was married how many times and to who or how many kids
they have or whose cousin they may be or where they work
or how long, how old they are etc etc. It never ends.
She will usually talk about an hour about the Young and
Restless and the Bold and Beautiful which explains the
last call, she only gets to watch it on TV guide channel at
nite and that was why she was calling to ask if I had
seen the shows today....then she started on her job, and then
the death of this girls husband that we knew in HS.
I do not know this woman...have not seen her since we
went to Church together 50 yrs ago. But my HFF remembers
every detail....who her brother is, what she was involved in
who her cousins were. I remember all that too, but see
no need in going over all of it just because she lost
her husband whom I did not know. Neither of us did.

I walked into the kitchen to prepare my dinner plate and
walked back in here...she was still going on and on and
did not even know I was not listening. Around 10 I text
my son to call me so I could tell her I had to go because
I have a call coming in.

Could this thing about her be the reason she has a hard time
being in a relationship? Or is she just lonely living alone
and never gets to have a conversation with anyone? I am
not sure. I love her to pieces though and wish she could
find someone to have in her have someone to
come home too instead of that cat of hers...and someone
who could help her with running her house and maybe allow
her to retire early. I wish all those things for her.
But I am going to have to learn that I have business to
take care of and when I have things going on, I need to
get my sleep at night.

Hell, after my call this morning, I prepared some contracts to
have ready to have to today. Then I noticed my sons truck
was not here and asked my son where is Randy? Dear lord
I did not even know what day it is. I for some reason
was thinking it was Friday or Saturday, days he does not

I think it was because she talked so much last night about
this upcoming weekend. Some of our friends have asked us
to meet them downtown for somewhat of a girls nite out.
Last night this happened, it did go as planned. Never does
in fact and I told her I was not sure if I could make it.

I almost text her after my call this morning to tell her
I was unable to go tonight since I will be at appointments
later today. Again, thinking today was Friday.


I told him to wake me up around 2 today if I do get to dose
off for a nap.

If not, I will be dreading that drive and the appointment.

I will not be at my best.
But I will try the best I can to be on top of things..

thankful for having a great boss who will be there.