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2014-11-11 00:30:23 (UTC)

Dealing with dumb asses

The turned out okay after all. But I still has to deal with
the idiots who think their land has gold on it at 20k an acre
when in fact it is only worth 12k if that. So, I hopefully will
not have to deal with them any longer. We are moving on...and since
my buyers gave me more areas to search, we have some better
property with over 10 acres and 4500 sq ft to look forward to
seeing hopefully soon.

While writing this I got a call from that agent again and
they have come down to only 5k above our last offer. I think
we may let them sit a day or so before we respond. My buyers
are already interested in seeing something else.

In other news I got the inspection report for one of my properties
under contract. After going over it, it really is not
that bad. But the part that was aggravating as hell, was
they were there inspecting in on Friday. I had told them
previously that the sellers would be cleaning out the shed
and the attic on Saturday.

On Saturday, I rode by there to talk to the sellers while
they were there and they had already cleaned out everything...
it was nice.

So, this agent keeps telling me in an email that the damn
shed was full crammed full of stuff. I reminded the agent
that the owners cleaned it out on Saturday. She insisted
with SHE WAS THERE And inspected it herself...describing
once again how full of stuff it was.

I drove to the property took some photos of the cleaned out
sheds and sent them too her. FINALLY....she believes it.
Maybe she does not realize that Saturday comes AFTER Friday?

Who knows....

but I did get to talk to my daughter today. She is really
enjoying that camera I gave her. She said that she is already
making money from the photos she is taking at the games.
I talked her into getting business cards for that purpose
just in case some of the parents of the players or cheerleaders
want some photos too. She sends them to her website where they
can see all photos and choose what they is taken
care of by the website and they the website sends my daughther
a check. DUH! That was easy.

She also did a realtor opinion which is kinda like a comp that
an appraiser does.....and she made some money doing that too.
She has a closing soon so she is good.

Looks like we are going to have a closing soon....just not
sure if it will be two closings or one. I am not worrying
about any longer. I can not force people to be fair and stick
to the story. I can not force people to accept offers...

All I can do is the best I can to make sure my clients do
not loose a bunch of money......instead, they should get the
best deal possible.....which is my goal always.

making dreams come true.....