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2014-11-10 18:26:22 (UTC)

Falling pieces.....

Oh well, one deal right after another is potentially falling
apart. One the sellers keep changing the price and what is
being offered. We are sick of dealing with they
can accept another offer...and forget about us. And I can
forget about that closing happening because it is not going too.

The other one..although it seemed to be a done deal has become
very close to falling apart with the arrival of the inspection
report. Good lord, how much crap can an inspector find? He
had a list a mile long and my sellers do not have the funds
to fix all of it. Maybe none of it.


I got the package to my buddy in the mail...she is going to
be so happy. She told me she has been losing weight and
we now weigh about the same. When I met her in the 80's
we looked like sisters...same size, same hair color everyone
who met us thought we were sisters. Now we are senior
citizens and I am so happy to hear she has lost that weight..
but she walks, hikes the mountains, climbs and a bunch more
active than I am. I love her to death...and hope to go
visit soon.

Probably sooner than I thought if these deals close or
fall apart. I am due for a rest and a get away and I intend
to make that happen soon.

I am upset that I am not going to have that cash coming in
next month. Two closings possibly not happening means
no money for me in Decemeber.....

will have to wait till January to get close.