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2014-11-09 16:21:11 (UTC)

Sunday morning

I was up very early this morning. Decided to just get up and
start the coffee and enjoy the quiet. My son got up early too
shortly after I did. He wanted pancakes. So, I reminded him
that I do not make them but we could go downtown and eat
breakfast if he wanted too. So that is what we did.

It was a nice breakfast and I enjoyed spending some time with
him. We rode past a house near there that I have been wanting
him to see. It is has a huge garage workshop and it very
cheap. MY friends used to live there so I am familiar with
it. HE however was not eager to live in the city limits...
and we just rode passed it instead of stopping to go inside.

I prepared a package to mail tomorrow for my friend who live
up towards Asheville. She posted on FB that she needed
a mouse for her computer. I am sending her one of mine
that is not being used here and I threw some goodies in
the box for her. She will be so happy. I told her I
would be there to see her soon as soon as things calm
down here.

Today, I am unsure what will be going on. I am hoping the
buyers either decide to up the offer or go see the other
nicer house but with less land that I choose near the
other one. We are going to list the house they are
living in when they make an offer.

While out this morning, I went a head and mailed the letters
that I prepared for the for sale by owners. I am not real
interested in listing those houses so maybe since I could
give less of a shit about it, they will call me. That is
how my life is going now.

If the boss does not call after Church with instructions for
today, I may just go take a ride up toward the lake. That
would be a nice area to have some property listed. All the
people that want to be on it or near that they
can brag about it. I could care less.

Just not into it today guys.....

thinking I need a break....

Yesterday....I received the special offer some of you may
have seen on TV from Macys where if you order that new
perfume...Muse can get a shit load of
products for 59 bucks. I ordered that stuff.....the
perfume came a couple days ago....but yesterday the
products came. To my delight it included a very
very nice makeup train case. Was not expecting that.
I needed came with a large full size...
of very good mascara. And that night time repair serum..
is also something that I wanted. It had that too.
I got two make up compacts, one with blush and eyeshadow
and one with lipstick and a lipstick brush. It had some
cream to wear under makeup and a eye liner....and
a full size of eye makeup remover and three tubes
of lipstick It was a very good deal. Some of that
stuff will go into stockings this Christmas to the
granddaughers I do not wear much makeup....especially
lipstick. I will give that to my BFF.

The perfume is strong....but after a while, it is ok.
I bought the set that has a small purse size, full size
and lotion. I may give that as a gift this year too.
I have a unopened bottle of perfume I got at Ulta to
get a free carryon tote with wheels.

So, that will be somebodies gift too.
I am set for Christmas...but the way I am feeling now...

I might just hand people stuff...and not even wrap it.

I am beginning to think that Christmas is a waste of
money...since there are so many people who line up to
get gifts who one, never get you anything....not even
a call on your birthday..and two, you never see them
any other time.

Time to weed out those folks.

I will be doing a lot go weeding this coming year.

Sick of being used.

and unappreciated.

I must begin thinking more of myself.

Since it appears I am the only one who does so.....