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2014-11-08 14:07:53 (UTC)

Saturday here I come....

After talking to my clients they did decided to present a
final offer. We could close by the end of the year and
have that property that has been on the market for over
a year sold for this agent, but I doubt they accept it.

They had it under contract and off the market for three months
and that deal fail through. So, instead of taking a good
offer asking for nothing extra like closing cost or warranty
or anything...they raise the damn price.

Well, good luck bitch...we are moving on.

I will be showing my clients another property near that
one today that is listed a little more but it is newer
and hopefully not represented by an idiot listing agent.
I am sick of dealing with arrogant idiots.

Before that appointment I will be finally getting out
of the house to take a ride to see some for sale by
owners. We only have one listing, my daughter has one...
and that is it.

We need more inventory.

So, I will at least try to find some property that is
suitable to list. I will not list anything that is
not sellable. I have been down that road, and it is
almost embarrassing to have my sign in yards like that.

Not happening again. If the sellers can not agree to
a price that will attract buyer and close quick...or
even better bring multiple offers.....then they can
call the idiots in the big box offices that have no
clue what they are doing.

I am good at this....and I will play the game on
my own damn more being pushed around...

I was looking so forward to giving that agent a piece
of my mind....just thinking about it felt good. But
I passed on that. No need. She will get hers...
by waiting for someone to show up that is willing
to deal with her that can actually close on that

She will be waiting a while.....

And just because you show property like that to a buyer
on your own..hoping to get both sides of the your
pocket does NOT mean that they can pay for it....and take
you to the closing...and walk away with the keys.

My client was paying mostly cash..and has the cash to pay
for all of it if he wanted too.

But he does not feel comfortable working with someone who
keeps changing the details of a very big purchase....


So today, I am putting all that behind me and we will be
moving on..

Our deal is on the table till Monday. If I do not hear
from them....I will withdraw, once that is done...
she will be on her own hoping someone shows up that
can afford that place.