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2014-11-07 20:35:17 (UTC)

More dumb shit......never shocks me anymore

The ridiculous agent representing the sellers of that large chunk
of property sent me an email outlining the new price and how much
land is included. It is ridiculous. They are adding 50k to
the price for less than 4 acres of land that is nothing but
a large gully making it useless. The land my client wants to
buy beside of the house went from just being available, to
80k. There are no covenants attached to it meaning there are
no restrictions as far as building property there.

So, if my client were to purchase the house with the additional
land that is useless...and wait a till he sells his other property
before buying the land he actually wanted...he is risking that
someone may indeed buy that land before him and put a single
wide or a small house....or many houses on it...making that
land with that crap on it lowering the value of the property
that he bought with the house on it. Too risky.

One, when we first started looking at the property, she told us
that the land behind it has sentimental value and the grandson
likes to go there to fish, camp out and had thought about
building a cabin there for weekends. It was supposed to be
a place the family had shared memories in the past making
it sentimental. After walking the property, we saw no fishing
pond at bordering lake, nothing like that. Just a few
gullies that may fill with water after a long rain...but that
alone would not make it a fishing hole. So, that was the first

I do not like being lied too.

Then, that sentimental land all of the sudden is added to
the property with the house and they raise the house
by 50k. It is not worth that at all.

She told me last night also that one, she showed the property
to some people last weekend. Okay, if that is true, then she
may have a buyer making her commission twice what it would be
if she was dealing with another agent. That to me is suspicious.

Two...last week she suggested that we talk to the lawyer
who was representing the property in the last closing
that fell through...since he knows so much about it...
and also suggested that we walk the property with the
surveyor who recently surveyed the property. Although
I have asked for each of their contact information, she has
not provided it. Probably because she is hoping that her
other buyers ( if she has them ) will make an offer and
she will make more money.

I am waiting to hear from my buyer to tell me to withdraw the
offer or present another offer which ever he decides, he was
ready to withdraw but wants to talk to his wife first. She
really wants it.

I am sick of dealing with this agent though.

She is changing the details of what is for sell, but not
making changes to MLS. She told me to make an offer
on whatever we wanted as the other land was available
which we did. Our offer was supposed to be a beginning
of the negotiation process....and we did offer more than
the property is worth without restrictions. She has not
included any changes in MLS about the price and what is
available, nor has she provided information that they
are tenants living in the basement....nor has she
provided in MLS of a very important material fact
that a long lost heir has stepped up making claim to
what they feel they are entitled too. Making it impossible
to clear the title until that is taken care of.

Legal issues.....up and down information....
no regard to what we request....

I can not wait to send the withdrawal note to her letting
her know of all this misrepresented facts.....she has the pond?

A simple email to me with changes does not change the fact
that she still has misrepresented information in MLS and
tenants living there and legal issues making it impossible
to clear the title until it is handled.

My clients wanted to be in this house for Christmas.

What a mess. I hate it when things do not happen the
way we want them too. I hate it even more when I am
dealing with arrogant brokers who think the rules
do not apply to them.

Can not wait to tell her off.


not my favorite thing.