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2014-11-07 04:31:15 (UTC)

Later.....what a night...

Well, nothing outstanding to discuss, just a little.

Sent my OTP in for that next deal and the listing agent
called me to say that the amount of property and the
price had changed...although it had not been changed
on MLS. I have been waiting for those changes, saw none
went ahead and sent the offer cause these people want to
be in that house before Christmas. I hate it when
other business people do not do their due diligence
to keep information updated. She could have at least
mentioned it on MLS that a change was coming. She could
have changed the price and added a comment to explain.

But she didn't. Instead she seemed to get a lot of joy
in letting me know that our 520K offer on a 499K deal was
not going to work in this case. It got very complicated
and I am very frustrated about it. Will know more

Then my BFF text me to let me know she was scheduling her
next shot in her back this time and wanted to be sure
I was free to take her. Later she called me on her way
home from work discussing that appointment and started
talking about her job. She was talking on speaker while
I was working on some other contracts that My daughter
needed me to print out and fax to our 800 number. She
can not save file in PDF form instead she had a file
that was saved in a photo format. OMG! I finally got
it to open but the printing menu was different. I
started printing it and the last page only printed half
way. So, I go back in and try to print that last page...
and because it was a photo file, I did not have that
option. I had to print the whole thing again....

all at the same time being text my the daughter and
still trying to listen to the BFF talk. Then,
I motioned to my husband to close the window in my
room for me as the wind was blowing the blinds and it
was distracting. He closed the window and when he
tried to pull down the blinds, they fell down.


I jumped up real fast because of the sudden noise...
and twisted my back just a little...enough to be

I had to end the call with the get my
composure. Called the daughter to make sure
she had the file I faxed to her after printing
it out TWICE...all 14 pages. She got it...and then
she started talking.....I tried to listen, but still
had some work to do of my own...and needed to locate
the I was pretty shook up with the back
pain...not bad, but bad enough....and when I walked
back into the bedroom...he had already reinstalled
the I got out the heating pad and hooked
it up...

finally got to watch the young and restless....
then I texted the BFF details of todays show..
since I had to end our conversation quickly....

Then I finally got an email from that agent telling
me she would present our OTP tomorrow morning. She did
not sound like she was even going to present it...
which is against the law. She was talking out
her ass. Lord have mercy.

I can not believe those folks are being advised to
raise the price by 50K just because they want
to add a couple acres of land that is worthless
to is nothing but a big gully.

Probably going to ruin it for my buyers....
which is ruining it for my company and for
me. I have good intensions....I do what I am
supposed to do. I try to help people when I can
and now...everything is falling apart.

Inspection on one deal....another one not as big of
a deal tomorrow. God I will be praying that nothing
major comes up to ruin that one.

I must get out to get more deals for us to list.
I am the one who does this in this area. It worked
good last time....actually the last two times I
listed property near here they closed within
60 days of the sign being put in the yard.

I need to get back out there.....

hope the wind stops blowing.
My car an't that big. Maybe I need to
be an ass and start driving a hummer.


Not really....that was indeed a joke.

If I had a hummer, I would have to live in it.

Not my style